Sixth Form Dress Code

We have updated our dress code for September 2023 for our new Year 12 intake. Please find details below.

At Bournside we expect the highest standards from our Sixth Form students, starting with their personal
presentation. As role models for students in the main school, we expect our Sixth Form students to be
dressed smartly at all times, taking pride in their appearance and their school. The guides below outline our
expectations to ensure that students feel part of our community, are ready to learn, and make the
best impression to everyone they meet

*Please note: After enrolment on Thursday 24th August, you will be emailed to confirm which house you have been allocated to, and therefore which house tie you should purchase.

**Please note: The new dress code does not apply to students transitioning from Year 12 into Year 13 in 2023.

Sixth Form Dress Code 2023/24

Sixth Form Dress Code 2023/24 (Visual Guidance)

We are curiousWe are proudWe are respectfulWe are ambitiousWe are supportiveWe are purposeful