Media Studies

The fundamental questions around the role of the media are addressed through this A Level course.

The ever-changing complexity of the media landscape is studied through a theoretical framework based around the core concepts of media language, representation, media industries and audiences.

A contextual element is applied to the above, often developing comparative skills relative to different texts. The texts studied consist of advertising and marketing; film industry; music video; newspapers; radio; video games; television; magazines; online/social media.

There is a heavy emphasis on practical work – you will use skills in DTP and Moving Image to produce a sequence from a new television programme – putting your analytical skills into practice. There is an engagement with theory embedded in all aspects of the course, developing analytical skill in tandem with practical work.

Media Studies is a launchpad into a range of careers and higher education opportunities in the media and entertainment industry – one with a projected worth of £80 billion to the UK economy by 2023.

WJEC Eduqas

Grade 5 in GCSE Media Studies or in an English or humanities-based GCSE.

70% examination30% practical non-examined assessment.


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