DofE diaries

05 Apr
  • Silver Expedition: The Forest of Dean, Uno Night, Tawny Owls, Bridges and Adventure

    Thank you to Laura C, Year 10, Frank House, for her Silver DofE diary entry DAY ONE Memories of the practice expedition circling in our heads, one intrepid group of year 10s and 11s in an assortment of sun hats and weighed down by their 65 litre bags assembled on a clear July morning to embark on a scorching hot weekend of camping, navigating, laughter, tears, and most of all, walking… a very long way! Packing in my team was just as interesting as last time. Anna had stripped down to the bare essentials, Kady brought the fluffiest jumper imaginable, Eleanor had brought a Rubik’s cube and Emily had brought what can only be described as a small taser for any insects who might bite. We were all set for the trip!
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  • Gold practice expedition - Three days of sheep, wind and endless hills

    Thank you to Laura, Year 12, Rowling House, for her Gold DofE diary entry DAY ONE "Five year 12s embarked on their treacherous Gold DofE journey at 7am on a Sunday morning in April, arriving at a pub near Abergavenny after a ride in the minibus. On day one we climbed the iconic Sugar Loaf, which the ascent we can all agree was not as sweet as it sounds, although the view from the top certainly was. Along that walk we had to go through a very muddy patch, which we managed to eventually cross with only one member of the group mistaking a puddle for a handy log and falling in... We also met some pigs at the end of the mud and were glad we didn’t climb over the fence to avoid it as they looked hungry!
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  • Practice Silver expedition in the New Forest

    Thank you to Evie, Year 11, Rowling House, for her Silver DofE diary entry. “Bruised hips, sore shoulders, aching feet, blisters, shredded hands, feeble legs, wind-beaten lips, one hour of sleep - expect no less from a Silver DofE expedition. But, pain wasn’t the only outcome of our three-day trek; there also came extreme feelings of accomplishment, joy and excitement. I was lucky to have an amazing group of people to experience the wonders and misery of Silver DofE with - and without them - I might still be lost somewhere in the vast terrain of the New Forest!
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