DofE at Bournside

What is Duke of Edinburgh (DofE)?

DofE is a transformative opportunity for students, giving them a chance to explore new talents and develop critical skills that they will benefit from throughout their lives. To accomplish all elements of the award, students need motivation, determination, self-reliance, teamwork, and resilience. For the vast majority of students, the final excursion is the most anticipated task. 

The award is a voluntary, non-competitive programme of activities for anyone aged 14-24, it offers three progressive levels: bronze, silver and gold. At Cheltenham Bournside School we are proud to be able to take students throughout the whole programme. Find out more about the award timescales here - Bronze, Silver and Gold

Within the Bronze and Silver levels, students will complete four different sections in order to construct the final award. These components entail; helping the community through volunteering activities, developing new skills, becoming fitter and finally training for and completing the much anticipated final expedition. 

DofE diaries

We asked our students to share their experiences of the Duke of Edinburgh Award from their point of view. Read our student DofE Diaries here

Why complete the DofE award?

There are many benefits of completing the DofE award. Taking part in the award has given many participants newfound confidence and the opportunity to challenge themselves. It can also provide a much-needed edge over others when it comes to job and university applications, as participants can give evidence of the communication, teamwork and leadership skills they have developed over the course of the Award.

The essence of DofE is about giving people independence, confidence and skills they wouldn’t normally have acquired, and to make people ready for the world. Having something like this speaks a lot more about what you are like as an individual and demonstrates a lot of the skills we are looking for as a business.

 - John Roberts CEO, Founder of

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