Psychology is a science. It is the scientific study of the mind and behaviour.

As a science, knowledge and understanding of research methods, practical research skills, and mathematical skills are assessed in all 3 exams.

Students studying psychology gain a broad overview of various topics central to psychology; develop an understanding of explanations of behaviour from different schools of psychological thought, and learn to analyse the strengths and limitations of the various psychological approaches. Students will analyse, interpret, and evaluate scientific information to make judgements and reach conclusions; and apply understanding of scientific ideas, processes, techniques and procedures to theoretical and practical contexts.

Students will also study the issues and debates pertinent to modern psychological research.

Psychology students can go on to study psychology at degree level and then to study specialist post-graduate psychology courses to access careers in the fields of educational, occupational, clinical, prison, community, and health psychology, as well as cognitive neuroscience and counselling.

Alternatively, students can access careers including social welfare, teaching, research, sales and marketing, finance, administration, and human resources with the skills developed through the A Level course.


Grade 5 in two Sciences and English.

3 examinations, each 2 hours in length and all equally weighted.


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