Physical Education

The A Level course equips learners with both a depth and breadth of knowledge, understanding, and skills relating to scientific, socio-cultural and practical aspects of physical education.

The practical element consists of an assessment in 1 activity in both Year 12 and Year 13, either as a performer or coach, as well as an analysis and evaluation of a performance. Practical assessment is largely undertaken within students’ own time.

The course is very much theoretical with an emphasis on ‘sports science’. Students will be expected to research different media to help underpin the knowledge they have gained within lessons.

A Level PE provides many varied and exciting career opportunities including: physiotherapy, sports coaching, the medical profession, military, emergency services, teaching, sports psychology, lecturing, the leisure industry, sports journalism, and sport development. It also offers you the opportunity to travel and teach sport in children’s camps such as Bunacamp and Camp America, or study at a university abroad.


Grade 5 in GCSE PE or Merit in equivalent BTEC. Candidates must also be playing one competitive sport to a good standard outside of school to fulfil coursework expectations.

3 exams worth 70%:

1. Physiological factors affecting performance

2. Psychological factors affecting performance

3. Socio-cultural issues in physical activity and sport.

Non-exam assessed element worth 30%:1. Practical performance (1 sport)2. Evaluation and analysis of performance for improvement.


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