Family Wellbeing Hub


Welcome to our Family Wellbeing Hub

The Bournside Family Wellbeing Hub is an online resource to support parents and carers and therefore work in partnership, to identify potential concerns and react quickly to concerns raised.

Through the Wellbeing Hub webpages, we will signpost some of the support available from partner professional bodies and promote positive well-being and mental health for each student, both at school and at home.

As a school, we are here to help you to navigate more confidently the challenges of raising your child in an ever-changing world.   

In school support

Within school we have our House Welfare Team who work with your child's Head of House to provide support whilst they are at school. House Welfare Leads often work with and liaise between parents and other professionals across the health and social care sector, to ensure students have all of the support they, and you may need through their adolescent years.

The team

Ms Groves Assistant Headteacher and Designated Safeguarding Lead (DSL)
Mrs Lloyd  House Welfare Lead (Attenborough/Owen)
Mrs Cubbins House Welfare Lead (Parks/Hawking)
Miss Davis House Welfare Lead (Frank/Rowling)
Lottie School welfare dog

Resource pages

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