Extra-curricular - Core Maths

Core Maths

Exam board
Entry criteria
Grade 5 in GCSE Mathematics.
Assessment is 100% Examination there is NO coursework. Two externally assessed calculator examinations, each 1.5 hours in length.
Core Mathematics is a course for those that want to keep refreshing their mathematical knowledge, gain new analytical and statistical skills, and support the mathematical content of their other courses.

Mathematics is effectively a language. It is used and applied in almost every career whether it be STEM related or not. This course focuses on applying your Mathematics skills gained at GCSE to real-life contexts. More specifically, Core Mathematics looks at financial calculations, statistical methods and graphical techniques.

If you’re looking for a challenging, engaging and heavily applicable course – look no further than Core Mathematics.
Accountancy, Actuarial work, Architecture, Astronomy, Banking, Building Societies, Chemist, Computing, Data Analyst, Economics, Engineering, Hospital Administration, Insurance, Market Research, Physicist Quantity Surveying, Software Engineering, Statistician and Teaching.
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