Extra-curricular - EPQ

Extended Project Qualification (EPQ)

The Extended Project Qualification is an additional qualification you can take alongside your A levels. It helps to develop research skills, time management, essay writing and a whole host of other skills that would be very useful at university and in your future career. Many universities make lower A level offers to students undertaking an EPQ. 

It lets you study your own interests. Whether it's focusing on subjects such as Type 2 Diabetes and abortion, which will be relevant for those applying to study medicine at university, or a subject like Disney princesses, because you like Disney and have an interest in feminism, an EPQ gives you the freedom to study what you want and will look great on your university and your CV.


By application.

5,000-word essay-based report and a production log on a subject of your choice, or a 1,000-word report, an artefact and a production log.

EPQ is a nationally-recognised qualification at Level 3. It is worth up to 28 UCAS points.


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