Physics is ‘the study of matter, energy and the interaction between them’. Physics is really the study of everything in our universe; it is about asking fundamental questions and using observations and experiments to attempt to answer them.

Our A Level course covers the study of the laws, theories and models of physics, and explores their practical application in a variety of real-life situations.

Topics studied and examined in the first 2 examined papers include working as a physicist, mechanics, electric circuits, further mechanics, electric and magnetic fields, nuclear and particle physics, materials, waves and particle nature of light, thermodynamics, space, nuclear radiation, gravitational fields and oscillations. The third examined paper will include questions that assess conceptual and theoretical understanding of experimental methods that will draw on students’ experiences of the core practicals. To pass this element and be awarded the science practical endorsement, students must demonstrate that they are competent in these practical skills.

The 2-year course provides grounding for those who intend to read one of the physical sciences or engineering at university. It is often highly recommended for those students who are likely to study medicine, biological or chemical sciences, and is a well-respected A Level for most other careers.


– Grades 6,6 in core and additional science, plus grade 6 in Mathematics.

– Grade 6 in Physics if studied as a single science, plus grade 6 in Mathematics.

3 externally examined papers and the science practical endorsement which is internally assessed.


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