Film Studies

The Film Studies A Level course is very much aimed at developing and deepening your understanding of the way that films tell us stories, engage and entertain us, even how they sometimes show us the truth about our societies.

You will be taught how to analyse film, how to understand how films relate to the contexts and genres in which they were made and, ultimately, how to make your own film.

The course provides an insight into a range of film styles and movements, developing skills in - and understanding of - the language of film and the messages and values encoded in its construction.

As well as studying film and the ways in which it makes meaning, you will create your own sequence: you will take sole charge of the production and demonstrate your skills in narrative, cinematography, editing, sound, and mise-en-scene.

In summary, the course will engage you with a whole range of different film styles and movements: from narrative to documentary; mainstream to experimental; familiar to unexpected; British to European; Hollywood to worldwide; contemporary to historical.

The study of film provides an aesthetic, technical, and practical understanding of the medium, preparing you for higher education in arts subjects as well as further study and development of skillsets related to the industry.

WJEC Eduqas

Grade 5 in an English orhumanities-based GCSE.

70% examination 30% practical non-examined assessment.


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