Bronze Award


Year 9 students are able to apply for the Bronze award until Friday 20th October 2023. 
Application forms are available via student reception.

An information evening for parents will take place on 16th January 2024.


Expeditions 2024: 




Training day

Saturday 24th February 2024 Bournside School

Bronze Practice Expedition

Saturday 13th - Sunday 14th April 2024  Leckhampton

Bronze Qualifying Expedition

Saturday 29th - Sunday 30th June 2024  Snowhill


Please be aware there are provisions in place for pupil premium students, please speak to Mr Musty for more information.

  Fee How to pay
Non-refundable registration fee £33 MyChildatSchool app

Expedition costs (includes comprise fees, training and equipment such as tents and stoves)

Instalment 1  £75 by 31st January 2024
Instalment 2 - £75 by 29th February 2024
Instalment 3 - £70 31st March 2024 

£220 MyChildatSchool app
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