Chemistry provides students with transferable skills that are vital within scientific fields but also incredibly valuable in many other areas.

Students will not only be able to apply their knowledge to the world around them, they will develop rigorous research skills, the ability to risk assess and problem solve and communicate ideas in a fluid and concise manner.

The AQA specification allows Year 12 students to create a strong foundation of fundamental concepts across all three areas: physical, inorganic and organic chemistry.

These concepts will be revisited in Year 13 and built upon, allowing students to work towards applying their knowledge in a real world context.

This model means that whether students have studied Combined Science (2 GCSEs) or Triple Science (3 GCSEs), this course ensures that all students can make great progress. Alongside the theoretical knowledge, students will complete a series of practical activities that will allow them to gain a valuable practical endorsement at the end of the course.

Chemistry is an essential subject for students who wish to follow higher education courses in medicine, veterinary science, pharmacy, and a wide range of chemistry/biochemistry courses, leading to areas such as drug discovery, forensic science, and science publishing.


Grade 6, 6 in core and additional science, plus grade 5 in Mathematics- Grade 6 in Chemistry if studied as a single science, plus grade 5 in Mathematics

Three written exam papers at the end of Year 13 and a practical endorsement which is completed during the two-year course.


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