This exciting course is an ideal way for students to study chemistry in greater depth.

The Salters Chemistry scheme uses relevant and up-to-date applications of chemistry to develop each student’s understanding of chemical concepts and their practical skills.

Students study 10 units that consist of a storyline providing the context for new chemical ideas and skills. Students study chemistry in a range of different contexts, conveying the excitement of contemporary chemistry. Ideas are introduced in a spiral way with topics introduced in an early part of the course reinforced later.

This specification continues to place a particular emphasis on an investigational and problem-solving approach to practical work. Students need to demonstrate their competency in a range of chemical practical skills during the course. Successful completion leads to the practical endorsement.

Chemistry is an essential subject for students who wish to follow higher education courses in medicine, veterinary science, pharmacy, and a wide range of chemistry/biochemistry courses, leading to areas such as drug discovery, forensic science, and science publishing.

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