What Our Students Say

Naifa Juma, Barnwood Park alumni

"After my GCSEs, I wasn't sure about which sixth form I wanted to start my A Level journey at. I knew leaving my friends behind at Barnwood was going to be hard, but I wanted to choose somewhere unique that allowed me to start afresh.

"When I first came to Bournside, I was a bit hesitant on the distance and not knowing anyone who was applying, however, I decided to go beyond my comfort zone and with that, everything fell into place! The staff here welcomed me with open arms and I have been offered me so many opportunities and support way beyond what I had imagined. I enjoy every second!"

Elizabeth Shingler Pittville School alumni

"When I attended Bournside's open evening, there was a sense of inclusivity that I had not felt at any other school. The taster day helped to settle my nerves because everyone was so welcoming. I felt the sixth form has a good layout, offering a distinct separation from the lower school. The retro diner also stood out as a place to meet new people and hang out with friends, which was really important to me as an external student."


Erik Suksmith, Bournside school alumni

"The wide range of subjects available at Bournside Sixth Form enabled me to choose the subjects I was really interested in. I really enjoy the lessons delivered by my science teachers - they are excellent preparation for the scientific degree I would like to study - and I like the degree of independence and self-responsibility that being in the sixth form gives me."

Grace Elliott, Winchcombe school alumni

"Originally I was in two minds about whether to join the Cotswold School or Bournside, but I much preferred Bournside after attending the open evening. The school gave off such a positive vibe that I knew I would love it. The teachers are so welcoming. They have provided me with fantastic support that has helped me to settle in."


Toby Williams, Bournside school alumni

"My brother had a very positive experience at Bournside sixth form and I already knew many of the teachers and enjoyed their lessons. That, along with the extensive choice of subjects, persuaded me to stay here for sixth form.

"Initially, I wasn't able to confidently narrow down my subject choices, but one easy conversation with the Head of Sixth Form helped me. I sat in Geography lessons for a week to help me decide, and I chose Core Maths as an additional weekly enrichment option. I aspire to study Environmental Science at university and one day reduce humanity's carbon emissions."


Emma Fenton, Bournside school alumni

"Since year 7 I have established a trust and a bond with my teachers and I thought I would achieve my aspirations in a place I felt comfortable. I'm not 100% sure what I'd like to do in the future, but I am interested in teaching, journalism and environmental conservation. I hope to go to university and having supportive teachers who push me and help me every step of the way will definitely help me to reach my goals."


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