School OPEN tomorrow (Friday, 6th December 2019)

The school’s power has now been restored and the school will be open as usual on Friday 6th December.

A reminder that the year 11 Parents’ Evening, due to take place this evening, has been rescheduled for Thursday 9th January. Thanks for your support and understanding today.

Original statement:
Dear Parent/Carer.
It is with regret that having received a further update from our school’s electricity supplier, the school will be closed for the remainder of today.  In addition to this the Year 11 Parent Teacher Consultation Evening has been rescheduled for Thursday 9th January.
The update I received at 8:55am this morning confirmed that the fault had not been located and that a generator was being sourced to restore our power, however, this will take around 3 hours to arrive and will then need to be setup.  This would mean that the school’s Dining Centre would not be able to cater for our students and staff at lunchtime, the amount of hot water in the system would be very limited, meaning that we may reach a point where students and staff are unable to wash their hands after using the toilet and there would be no central heating.  Whilst it is absolutely a last resort to close the school, sadly there is no viable alternative but to do so.
There are a very small number of children who are currently at school and we are now in the process of contacting their parents/careers to arrange collection.
I fully anticipate that our school will be open as normal tomorrow and please assume this is the case unless you hear otherwise.
As stated above, the Year 11 Parent Teacher Consultation scheduled for this evening has been rescheduled for Thursday 9th January and the appointment times that have been booked will simply be carried forward.  To facilitate this, the Year 9 Options Evening planned for Thursday 9th January will take place on Wednesday 8th January.
Many thanks for your support and my sincere apologies for the inconvenience that I know this is likely to cause you.