Message from the Headteacher

I offer you a warm welcome to our school.


At Bournside we aim for every student to develop the knowledge, skills and self-confidence to become the best they can be. We strive to secure the highest standards of achievement for all our students and pride ourselves on knowing and understanding every individual. We describe ourselves as being purposeful, proud, respectful, curious and supportive. These are not simply five words, they are our core values and underpin everything that we do. 


Gareth Burton


School Calendar

21st Oct 2019
Week 2
22nd Oct 2019 | 08:50  - 10:50
Y8 STEM Sessions with Sea Cadets
24th Oct 2019
Careers Fair
25th Oct 2019 - 28th Oct 2019
Y10 & 11 Trip to Rome
25th Oct 2019
Y8 Racing To School @ Cheltenham Races
26th Oct 2019 - 1st Nov 2019
New York & Washington Trip - Sixth Form

Bournside School is a vibrant, exciting and memorable place of learning.

At Bournside we recognise the uniqueness of every student.  All are set highly individual and challenging targets.

Education at the school is brought alive so that students are supported and challenged.