Sociology is the study of human beings in society. The subject examines the interaction of humans with each other and with the society around them.

It is a critical subject as it seeks to avoid ‘obvious’ or ‘common sense’ explanations of human activity, searching instead for explanations at a deeper level. Students will discuss the world around them to become familiar with a range of sociological theories each advocating a different approach to studying society – functionalist, Marxist, feminist and postmodernist.

In Year 12 students study education, families, and households and research methods. In Year 13 students study religion and crime and develop a more detailed understanding of theory and methods. Whilst studying each topic, students will consider how age, gender, class and ethnicity influence people’s life chances. An interest in politics will serve students well.

Sociology is of value in many careers. It will be particularly suitable for those considering work which will involve other people – teaching, social work, the caring professions, and personnel work in commerce and industry.


Grade 5 or equivalent in Sociology/Health and Social Care or in an English or humanities-based GCSE.

Eternal examination. There is no coursework.


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