Studying Mandarin at advanced level undoubtedly increases your employment opportunities. 

Students will develop an appreciation of China and its culture. We’ve aimed to make the Mandarin A Level compelling by
basing the study topics around lifestyle and social topics that you’ll be interested in and it could give you a competitive edge in the labour market too!

Students will research information, take part in debates, and explore their feelings about contemporary issues, all whilst building on their knowledge of Mandarin gained at GCSE. 

There are 3 final exams that test all 4 skill areas based on current trends in Chinese society, social issues as well as artistic culture, including the study of film and literature. Students will also need to complete an individual
research project.

In Year 13, students go on to study further topics on current issues in the social and political spheres in China.

Only 1 in 10 careers with languages is in fields such as interpreting and teaching. Whether you are destined for a career in commerce, accountancy, the travel industry, medicine, or engineering, a language should be considered an invaluable skill.


Grade 5

3 exams at the end of Year 13 which test all 4 language skills.


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