Government and Politics

In Year 12 we aim to encourage an interest in and an understanding of British politics. Students will gain knowledge of important concepts and institutions related to the constitution, parliament, political parties, and electoral systems.

Students study and discuss current political developments, such as the 2017 election and Brexit, visit the Houses of Parliament and Supreme Court, and get a chance to promote and debate political policy in the local council chambers.

Year 13 focuses on the study of important ideologies such as liberalism and socialism that have shaped many important historical and political events. Students also analyse the American political system and compare it with the UK. There will be an opportunity to participate in political debate with other local schools. Study visits include a trip to the House of Commons.

The course is useful to students intending to pursue a wide range of social science courses at higher education. Students planning to embark on a career in law, journalism, social services, management, or politics will benefit from the course.


Grade 5 in an English or humanities-based GCSE.

3 exams at the end of Year 13, each 2 hours in length: UK politics; UK government; comparative politics (USA).


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