Education 4 Life (E4L)

Education 4 Life

The ethos for Education 4 Life lessons at Cheltenham Bournside School is to support students to become safe, happy, confident and informed young people, and to help them make educated choices both now and in the future.

Students receive one lesson a fortnight and the lessons follow the PSHE Association spiral curriculum. Aspects of our E4L programme are also embedded within the tutorial programme and year group and House assemblies. We use recommended accredited lessons, as well as welcoming a wide range of external speakers into the school. These include Gloucestershire Constabulary school beat officers, Gloucestershire Fire and Rescue - SkillZone, Fearless (Knife Crime), Alter Ego Theatre Company – Chelsea’s Choice and County Lines, the Holly Gazzard Trust, Oddballs and Coppafeel.

As part of the curriculum, we provide many opportunities to develop each child’s personal development, focusing on aspects such as friendships, personal awareness and safety in the community. These are delivered as stand-alone sessions, beyond the classroom, both in and out of school, where appropriate.

Sample E4L lessons - Term 3, 4 & 5

  Area of curriculum Topics Key Questions may include
Year 7 Health & Wellbeing  Vaping 

Puberty - personal hygiene, sleep
Why do people choose to vape?
What are the risks with vaping?

  Living in the wider world Introduction to careers education 
Challenging stereotypes
What is careers education? 
Year 8 Health & Wellbeing

Online pupil survey - Gloucestershire County Council   
  Living in the wider world Breaking the Chain - knife crime, external theatre company

Healthy relationships - Consent, Sexting

Unhealthy coping strategies - Self-harm, eating disorders

Understanding sex and gender

Gender discrimination

What is consent? 
What is meant by the term sexting?

What are unhealthy mental health coping strategies?

Understanding sex and gender
Challenging expectations and choice
Year 9 Relationships Calling it out - Misogyny, sexual harm, external theatre company

What does a healthy relationship look like? 

  Health & Wellbeing Revisit Consent


Introduction to contraception 

1st Aid - CPR

What is exploitation?

What is meant by the term contraception? 

How and when do you give CPR? 
Year 10 Health & Wellbeing Online pupil survey - Gloucestershire County Council 


Why do young people vape? 
  Relationships Healthy intimate relationships


What is a healthy intimate relationship?

Investigating different forms of contraception

What are the different STI's? 
  Financial Decision Making Budgeting How do you create a budget? 
Year 11 Living in the wider world

Intimate relationships including porn and self-pleasure

Revenge porn and the law

Coercive control

The letters to their future self from Yr7 returned
Is porn a good way to learn about healthy intimate relationships? 

What is revenge porn?

What is coercive control? 
Year 12   Online pupil survey - Gloucestershire County Council

Coppa feels - self-examination for cancer 
Year 13   Next steps post Yr13
University applications














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