Sport BTEC

This BTEC course equips learners with the knowledge, understanding and skills relating to scientific elements of sport, alongside developing knowledge of the business side of sport.

This is combined with leadership in sport so learners will gain experience on how to coach, organise and lead sporting events. The Extended Certificate is equivalent to 1 A Level, consisting of the following units: Anatomy and Physiology, Professional Development in the Sports Industry, Practical Sport, and Fitness Testing. The wide nature of study engages students in new topics and highlights the quality of the variety of future roles available in sports.

This qualification provides a foundation for many career opportunities, including sports coaching, military, emergency services, teaching, sports psychology, lecturing, the leisure industry, sports journalism, sport development, coaching, and business. It can also offer the opportunity to travel and teach sports in children’s camps such as Bunacamp and Camp America, or study at a university abroad.

Pearson (Edexcel)

Grade 4 in English and Maths and at least Grade 4 in three related GCSEs

Extended Certificate (=1 x A Level) 50% externally assessed examination/50% coursework


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