Our School Community

Our Culture and Ethos

Our staff and students are Ambitious, Purposeful, Proud, Respectful, Curious, and Supportive. These are our values and whilst you’ll see them written on our website and on our corridor walls, where you’ll really see them is in the way we work together, the way we talk to one another, the way teachers teach and students learn, and the way we ensure that every day, in and out of lessons we are living our vision: empowering lives through learning.

It’s not at all unusual for several generations from the same family to have been part of Bournside School as we’ve been part of the community for many years having moved to our present site in Warden Hill in the early 1970s.

We strive to be at the heart of our local community, working closely with our neighbouring schools, taking the arts into the community, being the central hub for very many sports local sports teams, and, of course, being the school of choice for families in our part of Cheltenham and beyond.

Our Expectations

We believe that you should have the highest expectations for your time in secondary school.

You can expect:

  • quality teaching and support for independent learning outside of the classroom
  • quality guidance and support from your tutor and teachers
  • regular feedback on your progress
  • a wide selection of extra-curricular and enrichment activities.

In return, we expect you to:

  • give your very best effort in every aspect of your studies
  • use your initiative and ingenuity to develop your knowledge, understanding, and skills both during and outside lesson time
  • attend school punctually and have a high attendance rate aiming for 100%
  • involve yourself in the wider life of the school
  • maintain the highest standard of behaviour
  • respect your fellow students, staff, and our school facilities
  • wear your uniform with pride in line with our Uniform Guidance.

Pastoral Care

The pastoral care team at Bournside is always available to help you to ensure you feel safe, happy, and well-supported in your learning. There will be times when you need advice and guidance and we are here to support you throughout your studies. Our pastoral team comprises of a mixture of teaching and specialist non-teaching staff, and we will work with you to ensure you settle in quickly and reach your full potential. Our student dashboard on Frog features a wealth of resources to support your mental health and wellbeing, as well as a Contact Form so you can request further help and advice at any time.

Tutor Support

Your tutor is the first point of contact for any pastoral issues. Tutors support and challenge students about academic progress, attendance, behaviour, uniform, and being well organised for learning, maintaining regular contact with parents/carers to provide the best support for students.

Tutor Groups

Our vertical tutor group model means that each tutor group comprises 6 students from each year group from 7 to 11 and aims to:

  • enable students in different year groups to build positive, healthy relationships with each other, nurturing an enhanced sense of family and community
  • provide opportunities for older students to act as role models for younger students and, conversely, opportunities for younger students to have meaningful conversations with older students about school life and future aspirations
  • further improve home/school communication.


Our House System

At the heart of our school ethos is our active and rewarding 6-house system which brings students of all ages together to use their perseverance, skills and talents to earn house points. Every student and member of staff belongs to one of our houses to nurture and enhance a sense of family and community between our students. Our houses regularly compete in house events and challenges so you can take pride in your house and its achievements. On joining Bournside, you will be presented with your school tie which will represent your house.

House Welcome Letters

We are respectfulWe are proudWe are ambitiousWe are purposefulWe are supportiveWe are curious