In studying economics, you will gain an understanding of current economic issues such as ‘Why do students pay tuition fees for higher education?’, ‘Can the government solve the pensions crisis?’ and more contemporary issues such as the 2008 financial crash, Brexit, and the Eurozone crisis.

You will be introduced to a range of concepts and theories that are used to explain how the real world operates. 

Economics attempts to explain the behaviour of consumers, producers, and governments, using models and data looking at real world problems. Students need to enjoy working with numbers and graphical techniques.

The 4 themes are: markets, the UK economy, business economics, and global economics. Students will be offered opportunities to take part in a number of external competitions and visits during the 2-year course. We aim to visit Parliament each year and the City of London.

This course is useful for those who wish to pursue an economics/business-related profession or set up their own business. It is also ideal for those who plan further study in economics, business studies, law, accounting, finance, management or politics.

Edexcel (Economics A)

Grade 5 in Mathematics.

100% exam assessed. Students sit 3 papers; each 2 hours in length. The questions are a mix of multiple choice, data response, and essay questions across the 3 papers.

Paper 1 covers themes 1 and 3 (microeconomics). Paper 2 covers themes 2 and 3 (macroeconomics). Paper 3 is an asynoptic paper covering all 4 themes.


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