Food Science and Nutrition Level 3

The Level 3 Food Science and Nutrition Diploma allows students to gain a wealth of knowledge about the food and nutrition industry. Students will have the opportunity to learn about the relationship between the human body and food as well as practical skills for cooking and preparing food.


Delivered over two years, the diploma is made up of three units:

Unit 1: Meeting the Nutritional Needs of Specific Groups (50%) – this involves a controlled assessment (25%) with practical elements and an externally marked written examination (25%). Learner will demonstrate an understanding of the science of nutrition and nutritional needs in a wide range of contexts. Students will experience on–going practical sessions, to gain a wide range of high level skills to produce quality food items to meet the needs of individuals.

Unit 2: Ensuring Food is Safe to Eat (25%) – this is based on controlled assessment externally marked and involves experimentation and written research. This unit allows learners to develop their understanding of the science of food safety and hygiene; essential knowledge for anyone involved in food production in the home or wishing to work in the food industry. Again practical sessions will support the gaining of theoretical knowledge and ensure learning is a tactile experience.

Unit 3: Experimenting to Solve Food Production OR Current Issues in Food Science and Nutrition (25%) - this involves controlled assessment were students study one of the two optional units. This allows learners the opportunity to study subjects of particular interest or relevance to them, building on previous learning and experiences.

Food Technology, Food Marketing, Food Product Development, Dietetics, Nutrition, Teaching, Catering, Nursing, Hotel Management, Environmental Health, Social Health, Sports Science.

The food industry is one of the largest employers in the UK. There are many global opportunities in hotels and restaurants, nutritionists, sports coaches, fitness instructors, and care providers. You could be employed by a food manufacturer or government agency; developing menus and food products.


Grade 4 or equivalent pass in GCSE Food Preparation and Nutrition or entry portfolio if not studied at GCSE.

The Level 3 Diploma in Food Science and Nutrition is assessed through a combination of a written exam, an external assignment set and marked by the exam board and two centre-marked assignments. Learners will be involved in weekly practical sessions and will build on the skills and knowledge developed at GCSE level.


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