English Language and Literature

This is a great all-round course for creative writers and readers interested in exploring a wide range of literary and non-literary styles.

You will study a diverse range of material: from famous speeches to film scripts and travelogues, to Shakespeare and traditional prose.

You will read classics alongside a much broader variety of English texts, from genre features to language features, text structure to audience appeal – all with a view to perfecting your analytical skills and developing your own unique writing style. The Edexcel Anthology (provided with the course) includes a variety of texts with a particular emphasis on non-fiction and media extracts; there is something for everyone to enjoy!

In Year 13 you will study 2 texts of your own choice in depth and will showcase your creative writing skills in a range of writing styles – something any budding novelist or journalist will relish.

English graduates do things as diverse as working in law, design and technology, computing, journalism, publishing, accountancy, TV, music, education, retail, catering, and writing.

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