Student success in international maths challenge

15 Mar

Congratulations to the 19 students who achieved certificates in the Intermediate Maths Challenge 2022! The international scholastic challenge, run by the United Kingdom Mathematics Trust, tests students’ mathematical reasoning, precision of thought and fluency through complex mathematical problems.  

To recognise the highest performers in the Challenge, the top-scoring 50% of participants received bronze, silver and gold certificates in the ratio 3:2:1. 

Mr Mumford, teacher of mathematics, said; “Huge congratulations goes to every student who took part in the Maths Challenge this year. To be amongst the highest performers and to achieve a gold, silver or bronze certificate is testament to their incredible problem-solving skills and the students listed should be immensely proud of themselves.” 

A Gold Award Certificate went to:  
  • Peter, Year 9, Owens 
Silver Award Certificates went to:  
  • Maciek, Year 9, Owens 
  • Jack, Year 9, Parks 
  • Sam, Year 10, Rowling
  • Owen, Year 10, Frank
  • Thomas, Year 10, Owens 
Bronze Award Certificates went to:  
  • Rhys, Year 9, Attenborough 
  • Lia, Year 9, Parks 
  • Luke, Year 9, Hawking 
  • Sam, Year 9, Parks 
  • Will, Year 9, Frank   
  • Max, Year 9, Parks   
  • Oliver, Year 10, Attenborough 
  • Rose, Year 10, Rowling      
  • Ruby, Year 10, Attenborough 
  • Dylan, Year 10, Attenborough     
  • Sophy, Year 10, Attenborough    
  • Anya, Year 10, Attenborough      
  • Rocco, Year 10, Frank     


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