Sport Awards 2022

01 Jul

More than 100 students were recognised in the much-anticipated return of our annual Student Sports Awards, where the sporting effort, talent and achievement of our students was celebrated in front of a packed and proud audience.

Mr Winterbottom, Head of Physical Education said, "Our Sports Awards shine a light on our finest sportspeople, and the dedication of everyone involved in sport at our school. A real highlight of the academic year, the whole team are  incredibly proud of tonight's winners. Congratulations to you all, and to everyone who has supported you. Go Team Bournside!"
"We are delighted to welcome Lewis Ludlow here as our guest of honour tonight too. Having joined 
Gloucester Academy at the age of 17 and making his debut for Gloucester against Japan in 2013, he has since gone on to represent Gloucester over 130 times and became just the fifth player to captain England on their debut. Lewis captains Gloucester Rugby and leads from the front, commanding respect from his players and fans alike. A real inspiration."

Thank you to everyone who was able to join us.

KS3 Awards 

KS3 Team of the Year 

Year 7 Boys Football Team

Jermi Obel, Tate Goodall, Liam Fogli-Heredia, Tobi Adegunloye, Archie Beeston, Will Jackson, Fin Martin, Leonidas Kaliszewski, Ollie Durrant, Sam Everest, Noah Varley, Lucas Hepworth, Marshal Stokes.

Year 7 Girls Rugby

Player of the year - Mathilda Dawson

Mathilda has had no previous rugby experience but her fantastic attitude to learn has led to her having a fantastic first season, displaying great core skills, brilliant tackle techniques. Congratulations!

Year 7 Boys Rugby

Most improved - Fin Higgins

Finn has worked extremely hard over the season and has improved greatly. Nothing demonstrates improvement more than being an integral player in the C team, to becoming a strong and stable force in the A team. His knowledge of the game is brilliant and his strength when carrying the ball into contact has allowed the team to gain meters at valuable points. Well done!

Player of the year – Jack Johnson

Jack has stood out from not only his own team but also from the teams around him. His physicality is brilliant, whilst his footwork and decision-making allow him to exploit the gaps that appear. He was able to turn games around for the year 7s and put them back on the front foot allowing them to win many of their games. Congratulations! 

Year 8 Girls Rugby

Most improved – Sophie Hume

Sophie had no previous experience, yet soon became to look like a rugby player. She began making huge growth in her ability and her flare flourished after the Sibford 7s tournament. With the ball in two hands and an inch of space, combined with natural athletic ability, Sophie has become an established rugby player. Well done!

Player of the year – Alona Yon

Alona's confidence has grown massively from not ever having touched a rugby ball in September to now smashing opponents back in every tackle. She shows great determination and encourages the team along the way. Alona represents everything that you want in a teammate. Congratulations!

Year 8 Boys Rugby

Most improved – Harrison Fyles

Harrison has been ever-present in a very successful year 8 A team this year. His competitiveness and will to win are infectious and this rubs off on all of his teammates. Harrison has demonstrated an understanding of the game which is beyond his years. He is aggressive when he needs to be and can perform wonderful deft skills in pressurised situations. He has been a thorn in the side of all our opponents this year and has been picked out on a number of occasions as our standout player by opposing coaches. Well done!

Player of the year – Toby Blake

Toby has developed in all areas of his rugby ability since starting at Bournside. He has made these improvements through training consistently to the best of his ability and focusing on the areas he needed to develop. Toby is an athletic quick-thinking player who has an excellent pass and a great eye for a gap. Moving from wing to centre early in the year has helped Toby show his natural talent of running with the ball and opening up space for others on the pitch. Congratulations!

Year 9 Rugby

Most improved – Ollie Hepworth

The winner of this award has made huge improvements over the rugby season. He has always had the potential to be an exceptional player, but his commitment this season has allowed him to develop his decision-making and improve his knowledge, which has transferred to the pitch during games. His physicality has meant that he has been one of the team’s most successful players at counter rucking. His rapid progression has meant that he has also joined Old Pats, which will only help develop him as a player. Well done!

Player of the year – Adam Gamble

Adam has made a huge amount of progress this season. He has become an integral part of the A team's attack and defence, which has resulted in him having a number of notable performances. His ability to carry the ball and break tackles has helped the team make ground and also score tries. Defensively, the sound of him tackling some of his opponents has, on occasions, made other players and members of the crowd ‘Wince’. Congratulations!

Year 7 Hockey

Most improved - Janet Tong

Janet has made a tremendous amount of progress as a footballer this season and someone has played an integral part of the team's defence. Her 'never give up' attitude is infectious and support across the team is something which I know is valued greatly. Well done!

Player of the year – Scarlett Dunleavy

Scarlett has been the most notable player this year. Her ability to read a game situation and not only adapt but to use it to her advantage is excellent. She is hard working both on and off the pitch, coaching her peers to support the team performance. Her natural ability to create goal-scoring opportunities has given us the edge this season. Congratulations!

Year 8 Hockey

Most improved – Isla Vercesi

Isla's upfront positioning in Hockey has seen a vast improvement, taking on coaching advice with regular attendance at training. She has been making a real effort to ensure she is in goal-scoring positions and available to her teammates when needed in attack. Well done! 

Player of the year – Molly Perona-Wright

Molly has really developed her Hockey game this season. This is down to the hard work and dedication she applies to all her sports and training sessions. She is able to apply the tactics and game reading ability from different sports with success. Her versatility is a great asset to the team and she quickly switches from defence to attack. Congratulations! 

Year 9 Hockey

Most improved – Matilda Hopper

Matilda has used all of the training opportunities available before school to improve key areas of her play and transferred from right defence to sweeper during the season. She has developed confidence in her hitting, especially free hits, and became increasingly comfortable moving forward to intercept balls as well as tackling and sending the ball. She is always cheerful and open to feedback. Well done!

Player of the year – Caitlin Ellson

Caitlin is a skilful player who can play in a number of positions. She reads the game well and has a useful turn of speed over a short distance making crucial interceptions with surprising ease. Acting as captain this season, Caitlin was mature and well respected by her peers, good at communicating with her team as well as liaising with Miss Bowen. Congratulations! 

Year 7 Netball

Most improved – Olga Medetskyy

Olga has not only used her height advantage, but has also developed her skills well to become an all-around netballer. She is extremely coachable and tries to act on all advice, bringing this into her gameplay. Well done!

Player of the year – Anna Chown

Anna has played some fantastic netball this season. She started the school year shy, but soon came into her own on the Netball court. Her greatest asset is her agility and movement in attack. For a slight player she has a powerful pass and is able to feed the ball into the circle exceptionally well. Anna is a real asset to the team and naturally falls into the role of a Captain, always leading by example. Congratulations!

Year 8 Netball

Most improved – Amber Day

Amber is the most versatile player in the team. She has developed both her attacking and defensive skills. She has shown great commitment to training and this is evident in her vast improvement in her skill and ability to read the match situation. In defence, she has made fantastic interceptions, regularly turning play around and is developing the ability to use this possession carefully and calmly. Well done! 

Player of the year – Libby Pitman

Libby has played some outstanding netball this year. She is a great attacking player who can shoot with accuracy and consistency. With her sustained commitment to training, Libby will continue to grow as a netballer and sportswoman. Congratulations!

Year 9 Netball

Most improved – Scarlett Johnston

Scarlett has shown the most amount of progress since the start of year 7, when she started her Netballing career. Fast forward to year 9 and Scarlett is a Netballer with a huge array of skills. Not only does she continue to be a solid defender, but she does so with a great skill set. Well done!

Player of the year – Ellie Bees

Ellie is a fantastic Netballer who has made an excellent contribution to Bournside Netball since Year 7. She is dynamic in both attack and defence making her extremely versatile. Always leading by example, Ellie attends all training sessions. It is this commitment that has led to her continued development as a player. Congratulations! 

Year 7 Girls Football

Most improved – Janet Tong

Janet has made a tremendous amount of progress as a footballer this season and has played an integral part of the team's defence. Her never give up attitude is infectious and support across the team is something which is valued greatly. Well done!

Player of the year – Zaya White

Zayas's ability to read a game situation and not only adapt, but use it to her advantage is excellent. She is a natural footballer who has played some great football whilst representing Bournside this year. Throughout the season, she has had a number of outstanding performances and scored some notable goals. Congratulations!

Year 7 Boys Football

Most improved – Will Jackson

Will's work rate off the ball has been outstanding and his ball distribution has meant that the team has received the ball in space and with time. We can’t wait to see where this improvement leads to. Well done!

Player of the year – Leonidas Kaliszewski

Leonidas entered the Bournside football scene with a bang after he helped the team win the district tournament. He then went on to score two excellent goals in the county semi-final, which he finished with accuracy and composure. His love for the game is clear and he is a constant driving force pushing them on from the front. Congratulations!

Year 8 Girls Football

Most improved – Ecrin Karasan

Ecrin is an all-round sports person who has a natural sporting ability. She has represented the school in a vast majority of sports including girl's football. She is a strong midfield who is reliable and consistent in her position but someone who you could trust to cover almost anywhere across the field and still pull off a strong performance. Well done!

Player of the year – Lena Christensen

Lena has played a key part in the football team this year and has shown great team spirit when playing. She has an excellent ability on the ball, looking so comfortable and managing to play the ball into space or to teammates seamlessly. Congratulations!

Year 8 Boys Football

Most improved – Hudson Hewlett

Hudson gained selection after impressive performances during training, starting in both the district and county finals. His positional awareness is outstanding and a main attacking outlet for the team. His journey should highlight to students the importance of attending training, and the opportunities it creates. Well done!

Player of the year – Ollie Burridge

Ollie kick-started the semi-final comeback with two long-range strikes. He is extremely versatile and has played every position except GK this season, while still impacting the game. Ollie has excellent composure in the middle and whilst not the biggest player on the pitch, never shies away from a challenge. Congratulations!

Year 9 Girls Football

Most improved – Mary Wood

Mary has been extremely committed to the football team this year. Despite having limited matches, this person turns up week-in-week-out and gives her best to improve her football. As a quiet character who has come out of her shell this year and it’s been fantastic to see. Well done!

Player of the year – Leila Hancox

Leila's ability to receive the ball in tight areas and maintain possession is a real asset to the team. Her awareness and pass selection is exceptional. Congratulations!

Year 9 Boys Football

Most improved – Sam Williams

Sam has played a key role in the Year 9 football team. His ability to predict play and receive and keep the ball under pressure has been a real asset to his team. His control of the midfield, in defence and attack, and his ability to read the game have resulted in some outstanding performances! Well done!

Player of the year – Charlie Butler

Charlie's contribution to the U14 football team has been invaluable this season. His tactical awareness and technical skills have improved throughout this year. Throughout the season, Charlie has had a number of outstanding performances and scored some notable goals. Congratulations!

Year 7 Rounders

Most improved – Lucy Hyde-White

Lucy has been a solid member of the team with some great performances on second base with her knowledge and ability to read the game or situation in front of her. Lucy's positive personality spreads amongst the team, increasing the team's morale. Well done! 

Player of the year – Charlotte Johnson

Charlotte is a vital member of all the sports teams but in particular rounders. With excellent sporting ability, she is able to read the game brilliantly making key decisions whilst batting and fielding. Charlotte is a natural leader who shows great competitive edge in everything she does as well as having brilliant team spirit both on and off the pitch. Congratulations!

Year 8 Rounders

Most improved – Molly Burtwell

Molly attends every sports club we offer Year 8 girls, but it is he commitment to the Rounders team that has been most impressive. Her fielding position just inside 3rd post, allows her to display a vast array of skills, picking off high ball and stopping those across the ground with lightning speed reactions. Well done!

Player of the year – Ava Scott

Ava is enthusiastic, committed and leads by example. She directs her fielding team well from the second post, through clear and concise communication. Over the course of this season, she has been an integral part of the Year 8 rounders team, displaying a high level of skill. Congratulations! 

Year 9 Rounders

Most improved – Poppy Hawthorn

Poppy's commitment to the team could not be faulted as she still turned up to training and matches to support the team. With a few matches under her belt, including the year 9 district rounders tournament, where she improved game on game. Well done!

Player of the year – Mathilda Hopper

Despite this being the first competitive season of rounders, having missed the previous two years due to Covid, Mathilda has developed her skills well this year. She has become a reliable source when fielding and has shown great determination when things do not quite go to plan. She is supportive, reliable, and committed to the team as well as all the other sports she is involved in. Congratulations!

Year 7 Cricket

Most improved – Charlie Pitman

Charlie has made great strides in his cricketing ability this year. Through his commitment to training and his focus and concentration, Charlie’s bowling has gone from strength to strength. Charlie has also grown into an effective batsman who has helped increase his team's run rate and frustrate opposition bowlers. Well done!

Player of the year – Tom Brookes

Tom has played some exceptional cricket with both bat and ball this year and has been a real asset to a very strong Bournside School U12 A Cricket team. His pleasant persona often hides his fierce bowling ability and he has been more than a handful for most batsmen who he has played against. His excellent knowledge of the game and ever-increasing confidence has allowed him to impart key tactics to his fellow teammates, some of which are completely new to the sport. Congratulations!

Year 8 Cricket

Most improved – Jamie Liley

Jamie has been one of the stand-out performers in the U13 Cricket Team. His bowling has gone from strength to strength, and he has taken several important wickets in games. He has also become an effective batsman who has helped increase his team's run rate and frustrate opposing bowlers. Well done!

Player of the year – Luke Ashenhurst

Luke has been a real asset to the Bournside School U13 Cricket team. His pleasant persona often hides his fierce bowling ability, and he has been more than a handful for most batsmen who he has played against. Luke has excellent knowledge of the game and his ever-increasing confidence has allowed him to impart key tactics to his fellow teammates, some of which are completely new to the sport. Congratulations!

Year 9 Cricket

Most improved – Sam Rowbotham

Sam has been an ever-present at cricket training this season. His hard work has seen his bowling accuracy greatly improve. Well done!

Player of the year – Rhys Davies

Rhys has captained the Y9 cricket team brilliantly, the team’s opening batsman and bowler he has handled the responsibility excellently. Also, fortunate enough to step up into the Y10 team for a match, in which his fielding was exemplary, highlighted by taking a catch and a brilliant run-out from near the boundary. Congratulations!

Year 8 Girls Tennis

Most improved – Olivia Flooks

Olivia showed fantastic commitment to training this season. Olivia plays with power, with increasing accuracy to her forehand and backhand groundstrokes. Her enthusiasm and dedication to school sport has been great to see and will allow her to carry on making progress in not only Tennis but the other sports we offer. Well done!

Player of the year – Evie Cunningham

With this being the first year of competitive Tennis for this student at Bournside, it has been a pleasure to see Evie compete in an activity she enjoys. With an accurate serve, Evie has been working on adding more pace to, allowing her to dictate play from the off. She is able to move quickly around the court and return shots with power. Congratulations!

Year 8 Boys Tennis

Player of the year – Toby Nock

With limited fixtures this year, it has still been clear to see Toby has been able to transfer his skills from squash into tennis brilliantly. He manages to move his opponent around the court with ease and play strong attacking shots when the space opens up. He showed his dominance when he not only won all of his league matches against strong competition but went on to win the following friendlies. Congratulations!

Year 7 Girls Athletics

Player of the year – Lexie Wiggett

Lexie regularly attends training and has shown great performances in the recent district schools' championships where she finished 2nd in long jump and high jump and 3rd in the 100m. Congratulations!

Player of the year – Izzy Cook

Izzy has shown great success at the district championships winning the junior girls 100m before going on to reach the final of the Gloucestershire Schools’ Championships where she finished 3rd. Congratulations!

Year 9 Girls Athletics

Player of the year – Grace Baynham-Powell

Grace is a very keen athlete, particularly in high jump and 100m. She attended all of the training sessions, being the only person from years 7-9 who managed this feat. Congratulations!

Year 7 Boys Athletics

Player of the year – Sam Jeenes

Sam has shown great enthusiasm when it comes to athletics both in training and competition. This has been demonstrated by him offering to compete in multiple events during the district competition. Congratulations!

Year 8 Boys Athletics

Player of the year – Freddie Parry

Freddie has had a brilliant season, his commitment to training has been excellent and his performances have matched this. At a recent district event, Freddie won the Discus and Javelin by quite a considerable margin. During the district trials, he made it through to represent Cheltenham a year young at Discus. Congratulations!

Year 9 Boys Athletics

Player of the year – Ollie Belbeck

Ollie has blown everyone away this year with his achievements. In the District athletics, Ollie won the 300m and High Jump by a considerable margin. He will go on to represent the South West at 300m in the English Schools competition and his continued success is brilliant to see. Congratulations!

KS4 Awards 

KS4 Team of the Year

Year 10 Netball Team

Aofie Price, Sophie Miles, Amelia Ward, Maddie Dunleavy, Millie Haines, Alice Dixon, Lucy Daniel, Emily Johnson, Emma Lodwig, Poppy Stephens.

Year 10 Rugby

Player of the year – Ty Ray Townsend

Ty has a never say die attitude, he never knows when to quit. He possesses a steely determination and a will to win, regularly putting his body on the line. When it comes to Rugby he is driven to succeed but most importantly, better himself. His passion and thirst to learn and improve are infectious, this ensures very high standards are maintained across the team. Congratulations!

Year 11 Rugby

Player of the year – Harry Mills

Since joining Bournside Harry has seamlessly integrated himself within the year group. His attritional style and ability to lead the team from the front has bonded him with his peers. Harry's footwork and speed allowed him to break through gaps regularly. Congratulations!

Year 10 Football

Player of the year – Bryan Stalley

Bryan is an outstanding player and sportsman, who has been absolute pleasure to coach this year.  Bryan's overall awareness of both his defensive and attacking line has been nothing short of exceptional and his knowledge shines through whilst he empowers others not only to play better but to be better. He is a vital member of the team and wears the Captain’s armband with pride and valour. Congratulations!

Year 11 Football

Player of the year – Jamie Bevan-Harris

Whilst this is an award for Player of the year, this is also a message of personal gratitude. Jamie, at times, has been the glue that kept the Year 11 team together. Not only is he an exceptionally talented young player with a bright future, he is also a very mature young man. His ability to not only keep himself calm under pressure but to naturally calm others has led us to victory on more than one occasion. With our thanks, congratulations!

Year 10 Netball

Player of the year – Aoife Price

Aoife has been a huge asset to a very successful netball team. She is not only an exceptional netballer but also captains with drive and enthusiasm. During matches she dominates the centre court, utilising her fantastic athletic ability and aptitude for reading play. Her levels of agility enable her to make great attacking plays and defensive interceptions. During the latter half of the season, she stepped up to the senior squad, playing with and against students three years older, and continued to control play. Congratulations!

Year 10 Rounders

Player of the year – Emily Johnson

Emily has utilised her natural sporting ability as a vital member of the rounders team this year. She has an excellent ability to move fast and react to situations which allows her to excel in her position. She is able to throw and receive with speed and accuracy leading to many opponents failing to reach the second post. Congratulations!

Year 10 Cricket

Player of the year – Charlie Mills

Charlie has been integral to the team’s success this season, opening with both bat and ball. He is a reliable wicket-taker and has amassed over 50 runs with the season despite facing some fierce bowling. Charlie has captained the team well, mixing up the batting order ensuring everyone stays involved, and each game remains competitive. Congratulations!

Year 10 Girls Tennis

Player of the year – Millie Haines

Millie is quick and agile on the court and increasingly demonstrates accuracy and tactical awareness to outwit her opponents. It has been fantastic seeing her Tennis develop throughout out her time at Bournside, especially her serve. Congratulations!

Year 10 Boys Tennis

Player of the year – Cedric Chang

Cedric is a quiet hard-working member of the school. When he came to us saying he would be interested in joining the Tennis team, we were delighted. We were even happier when we saw how well he plays Tennis! During the league and friendlies, he has been formidable in his singles matches beating the best the likes of Cleeve and Wycliffe had to offer. Congratulations!

Year 10 Basketball

Player of the year – Seamus O’Dwyer

The Y10 basketball team had a fantastic season topping the district group, in only their first full season. A three-pointer from Seamus secured an overtime win against Balcarras and this player went on to feature for the older teams. Congratulations!

KS5 Awards

KS5 Team of the Year

Year 12 Football Team

Andy Hunt, Archie Woods, Connor Stalley, Austin Parker, Jay Nelson, George Walker, Dylan Jones-Wood, Sean Kalindawalo, Will Baker, Arman Ghahremani, Edgar Gaze, Jonas Whitfield, Louis Honeyford, Riley Stokes, Lewis Smith.


Player of the year – Alex Robinson

Alex's knowledge of the game is second to none and his skill set allows him to exploit gaps in the defensive line. His quick decision-making means he can scan and select the correct response from his range of skills. Congratulations!


Player of the year – Edgar Gaze

Edgar has been a linchpin of the team this season and he is crucial to the way the team set out to play. He is always an outlet, strong and comfortable in possession, and often occupies both centre-halves on his own. He is exceptional at holding the ball up to bring others into play and his movement on and off the ball demonstrates a deep understanding of the game and a very high level of football intellect. Congratulations!


Player of the year – Bella Mills

Bella's talents never cease to impress the PE department. Not only is she a National League Hockey player but she is equally impressive in a multitude of other sports, one of those being netball. Her work rate off the ball is brilliant and she manages to intercept, and block passes regularly putting the team in possession of the ball and on the front foot. The versatility of this player has meant she has played in a myriad of positions stepping up when needed and showing a great understanding of the court restrictions of each one. Congratulations!


Player of the year – Eloise Cox

Eloise has been integral to Bournside hockey, her close skills are brilliant and allow her to get out of tight situations and when the game opens up she is able to transfer the ball into space with ease. She has been at the forefront of her team-leading them and driving them forward in both matches and training. The winner has also selfishly given her time to impart her knowledge of Hockey to the younger generation, helping with events in school without a second thought and coaching the aspiring players at Landsdown Hockey Club. Congratulations!


Player of the year – Will Baker

A basketball award long overdue, after being unbeaten in Y10, the pandemic appeared to have brought an early finish to his basketball career. However, determined to bring together a senior basketball team Will played his part in victorious wins against private and grammar schools. Congratulations!

Victor Lodurum 

Austin Parker

Austin has shown impeccable commitment to Bournside sport over the years he has been with us. He has been an integral part of the highly successful Rugby team who have been brilliant over the last few years. His football has been where he has really shone through and been a pivotal player in every game. Aside from his sporting performance he has also been instrumental in assisting the PE department in anything that is asked of him. Congratulations!

Victrix Lodurum 

Anna Maddocks

Anna is an outstanding sportswoman who has fully immersed herself in all aspects of Bournside sport throughout her time at the school. She is a highly valued member of all teams she has been a part of and not only strives to perform her best but also supports members of her team. She is an extremely versatile netballer who can dominate both attack and defence and has stepped up to every position she is required to play with ease and flair. Congratulations!

Bournside Values Award

Bournside Girls Rugby Team (The Brusiers)

Alona Yon, Isla Parkins, Isla Vercesi, Molly Burtwell, Evie Cunningham, Eliza Wolsey, Molly Perona-Wright, Alice Wishart, Ecrin Karasan, Sophie Hume, Mathilda Dawson, Charlotte Johnson, Amy James, Amber Day, Maddison Tustin, Sally Norton, Elena Paddock, Yazmin Didcote, Jess Lloyd, Aimee Hurring. Congratulations!

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