Cast and crew 'blow audiences away' with outstanding production of Joseph

17 Mar

We're still smiling following the outstanding performances of Joseph and the Amazing Technicolour Dreamcoat last weekend. Thank you to everyone who joined us and for your support of the students taking part.

This year's production was the retelling of the biblical story about Joseph. Joseph is his father's favourite child, able to interpret dreams and the bearer of an amazing coat. These facts lead Joseph's eleven brothers insatiably jealous. Thus, they sell Joseph into slavery to some passing Ishmaelites. After refusing the advances of this owner's wife, Joseph is sent to jail. Once in jail, he quickly becomes popular due to his ability to interpret dreams. The Pharaoh soon hears of Joseph's ability and appoints him to the post of Number Two man in Egypt. Years later, Joseph's now starving brothers arrive in Egypt and ask Joseph, whom they don't recognise, for assistance. Joseph, in turn, gives his brothers a scare, but eventually grants them all they desire, reveals his identity, and reunites the family.

150 students from St James' C of E Primary School and Lakeside Primary School joined us on Wednesday 9th March, to enjoy the first matinee performance. Our young guests provided our student performers and backstage team with their first full live audience. Mrs Hughes, Year 5 Teacher and Music Coordinator, said, "We had a brilliant time! The children were buzzing and felt like very special guests. To see young people in a school they might end up in performing so incredibly was truly inspirational. From lights, to sound and orchestra it was brilliant. Well done!"

The students went on to perform to three full houses and received well deserved standing ovations for their brilliant performances. We're delighted to share photographs from the final Saturday evening performance below.

Our Headteacher, Mr Jefferies, who enjoyed the Saturday evening performance, said; “The performance was delightful and a perfect metaphor for our times. Like Joseph emerging from prison, society is coming up from the darkness of COVID into the light of a post-pandemic world. I thought that this joyous production perfectly captured the hope and excitement which we see in school every day.  Well done – and heartfelt thanks – to cast and crew!” 


Audience feedback:

"I just wanted to say once again how utterly brilliant “Joseph” was, and what an absolute joy to watch... It was the perfect post-lockdown choice and brought the biggest smile to everyone’s faces, both on and off the stage. I just wish I could see it one more time!"

"I just wanted to say how completely blown away we were at your fabulous production of Joseph. Bravo! What energy! What a cast! What a band! Brilliant staging and perfectly simple but clever movement. Those children were just so engaging. So present. And they were all beaming and loving every minute. I could see and hear the joy. Thank you."

"Well, what can we say?! Yet again another fantastic school show, as Bournside does so well! Great to see so many happy, smiling children up there, who were obviously enjoying themselves. And in the orchestra and backstage too. Music, drama and being creative are such an important part of a child’s life… a vital part of Bournside. But we just wanted to say another massive thank you and well done. We know the effort that goes into it - the months of planning, prep and rehearsing as well as the final performances." 

 Production programme 

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