‘Take one designer’, Alexander McQueen Fashion Museum workshop

14 Dec

Students in Year 10 created amazing surface embellishment work inspired by nature on a recent trip to Fashion Museum in Bath.  

Students were invited to explore and sketch surface embellishment and structures beneath and within clothing in a workshop called ‘Take One Designer – Sarah Burton for Alexander McQueen’.  

The workshop was followed by a tour of the museum, exploring ‘A History of Fashion in 100 Objects’ - a major display celebrating fashion from the 1600s to the present day, referencing moments in history, as well as more personal stories.  

Holly, Hawking House, said: “The trip exceeded my expectations, I thought it was going to be boring museum trip! I had so much fun, especially in the workshop.” Another student commented: “I really enjoyed seeing Alexander McQueen’s dress in real life.” 

Mrs Alat, Teacher of Textiles said: “The trip was great fun and enhanced the GCSE students learning about the history of fashion and how fashion designers’ work. The students took the opportunity to dress up in historical costumes whilst we were there which was fantastic. I am saddened to hear the museum will be closing next year.” 


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