Exemplary readers afternoon tea

04 Mar

At the start of the school year interested students were invited by the Literacy team to take on the challenge of reading 25 books by the end of the academic year. After reading five books, students are rewarded with five house points, and upon completion, they receive a House Literacy badge, an exemplary reader certificate and a £10 Waterstones book token.

However, just five months into the challenge, two students have gone above and beyond, reading over 100 books between them. To celebrate this fantastic effort, Anna, Year 9, Parks House and Oswin, Year 8, Frank House, were invited to an afternoon tea with Headteacher, Mr Jefferies.

Anna usually loves to read dystopian adventures and mystery novels but told us that this challenge led her outside of her comfort zone as she picked up books she usually wouldn’t, whilst Osarin is a huge fan of Harry Potter, closely followed by R.L. Ullman’s Epic Zero series.

Mr Jefferies, said 'We place a lot of emphasis on literacy and reading for pleasure at Bournside so it was delightful to spend some time discussing favourite books with such avid readers.’

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