Cheltenham Science Festival 2022

10 Jun

Year 9 and Year 10 students enjoyed visiting the Cheltenham Science Festival this term and were given the chance to explore the impressive displays and interactive opportunities, which featured everything from robots, assistance technology, renewable and nuclear energy to arcade games, botanicals, health care and more.

Mr Saundry, Head of Science, said: "We're so lucky to have the fantastic Cheltenham Science Festival on our doorstep - the Festival is renowned internationally and it is superb to be able to take our students down to experience such an inspiring event. We were able to hear first-hand from professionals, many of them young graduates themselves, about the huge range of opportunities and possible future careers available to them after studying STEM subjects. The students were brilliant and great ambassadors for the school.  We had a fantastic time exploring and engaging with cutting edge science and technology across two days - thank you!"

"It was great - really good fun." - Sammy

"I really enjoyed the Discover zone and seeing all the exhibits." - Ollie 

Year 12 Psychology Students also visited the Festival to listen to Claudia Hammond explore the psychology of regret with Bryony Gordon, Teresa McCormack and Fuschia Sirols in an event recorded for BBC radio 4's All in the mind. 

Miss Mitchell, Head of Psychology, said: "The visit extended students’ understanding of psychology and enabled them to gain a deeper insight into how psychology is applied in many ways to help us understand the human experience. Particularly they learnt how regret impacts our decision making in later life and the implications for how we feel and behave. They were able to consider how to live with regret, show themselves more self-compassion and gain insight into how to improve their future choices."

"It was inspirational and incredibly insightful. I would recommend going and listening to one if these Festival talks if there is a particular topic you are passionate about and want to delve a little deeper. What a great experience!" - Emily P, Year 12

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