What our students say

Every child is unique. Based on a secure and deep understanding of each individual and his or her capacity to excel we strive to secure the highest standards of achievement and personal development for all our pupils.

Younger pupils value and respect the antibullying ambassadors.

Ofsted, September 2016



There are many opportunities at Bournside. I am an active member of the music department and I enjoy participating in the many performances throughout the year. I believe I am a more confident person as a result.


I love Bournside because it offers a wide range of sports and clubs for everyone to enjoy – I do most sport and drama clubs which are really fun. Also, bullying is not tolerated here and there is help if you are going through a tough time. If you work hard, the school makes you feel appreciated.


Bournside is a wonderful place! Right from the start I knew it was the school for me. Studying here has let me grow into a better and smarter person.


I never thought I would have so many opportunities at Bournside to excel in my subjects, especially music and sport. I strongly believe I will leave Bournside feeling very confident in myself and proud of everything I have achieved.


This school has inspired me to be the best I can, and it pushes me to reach my goals and go out of my comfort zone to become the best version of myself. The extracurricular activities further your  mind too – clubs like the Brilliant Club teach us extra skills we’ll need for the future.