What our Students Say

Every child is unique. Based on a secure and deep understanding of each individual and his or her capacity to excel we strive to secure the highest standards of achievement and personal development for all our pupils.

Younger pupils value and respect the antibullying ambassadors.

Ofsted, September 2016


Bournside School has opened doors for me, for example learning Chinese. I enjoy computing and working my way through challenges. I think Bournside is a very enjoyable and fun school.


I was a bit nervous about joining a bigger school but after a few days I was OK and wasn’t nervous any more. The teachers made sure that we knew where to go and what to do.


Sport has produced lots of opportunities for me to develop. I have met new friends and created memories travelling and playing fixtures. I have also had the chance to help out with the younger students.


I hope to go to Cambridge University to study medicine as I love maths and science. We have lots of fun and inspiring lessons which have encouraged me to be ambitious and optimistic about my future plans.


My favourite lessons are drama and games but there are so many more to enjoy. I was in the B-team for rugby. I do drumming at school and it’s really helped me improve.


I am a school Ambassador and an Anti-Bullying Ambassador, allowing me to interact with the younger year groups and to support them during difficult times. My favourite subjects are history and chemistry.