Why work at Bournside?

Technology friendly

How students learn is changing in schools. At Bournside, staff and students are encouraged to use tablet computers to support student learning in an innovative way. We believe learning is at its best when it is immersive and fun, and when students can make their own choices about how to evidence what they have learned. As such, every member of staff at the school is equipped with the necessary IT provisions and through a structured programme of continuous professional development, staff are supported in using this technology at a pace which works for them.

Outstanding facilities

The facilities and resources that staff benefit from to support effective teaching and learning are outstanding. This is not by chance and through prudent financial management and a history of successful funding bids, our school is modern, well cared for and is a place where we are all proud to work. This aspect of our provision is set to continue and it is rare that a school holiday goes by without a building project taking place or some form of structural development. If and when you walk around our site, it is difficult not to be impressed by our school facilities, which are the envy of so many schools.

Smart marking practices

Working in a school is very rewarding, however, we are acutely aware of the pressures that teachers are currently under in an unprecedented time of national educational reform. The feedback and marking policy here at Bournside ensures that our teachers are not burdened by marking. It is really important that our teachers have a healthy work/life balance so that our students benefit from their teachers’ dynamism and energy in lessons, rather than being exhausted through over-work.

A "good" school

In a short inspection on September 2016, Ofsted inspectors took only one day to be convinced our provision continued to be recognised as good and that we have maintained the high quality of this since our last inspection.

The leadership team has maintained the good quality of education in the school since the previous inspection.

Teachers use their well-developed subject knowledge to plan and deliver interesting and relevant learning for students.

Healthy school

At Bournside we are proud to be a healthy school and indeed, being ‘energetic’ and ‘healthy’ are two of the school’s nine core values. We actively encourage staff to live these values and in support of this offer the following:

– A senior leadership team that values staff wellbeing. A full-time teacher at our school teaches 42 (one-hour) periods per fortnightly timetable cycle (50 periods) and has one period designated to engage in the Self-Reflective Practitioner Programme; an internal CPD programme designed to give all teachers the necessary time to reflect and refine their practice. After-school meetings are kept to a minimum and the school runs a series of social events throughout the year.

– A fully equipped fitness suite that staff are able use before and after school, free of charge.

– Time off in lieu for staff who offer revision/support sessions during the Easter and Whitsun holiday periods to year 11 and/or 13 students.

Bespoke leadership development programmes

Whether you are a teaching or non-teaching member of staff, our school prides itself on the leadership development programmes that we offer and the success we have had in supporting our staff progress in their careers. Our range of provision includes:

– External programmes for aspiring senior leaders and aspiring middle leaders, in partnership with our Teaching School (Cotswold Edge Teaching Alliance)

– Internal leadership projects that are led in conjunction with a mentor who is a member of the school’s Senior Leadership team

– An Associate Senior Leadership Programme for members of staff who feel that they are ready to make the step from middle leadership to senior leadership. This year we have three staff sitting on the programme, which lasts for two years, each with key strategic, whole-school responsibilities.