What our new staff say

L Jones

The Bournside staff and students have given me the most warm and welcoming start to a new school. There has been a huge amount of support for new staff with plenty of opportunity to provide input. The policies and procedures run seamlessly allowing teachers to focus on getting the best out of their students every day.

E McConnell

From previous experience, I knew that Bournside was a fantastic school therefore getting a role here was very exciting. However, coming from a much smaller school I came with assumptions that there would be too many staff here to make good relationships outside of my department. How wrong I was! The thing that has surprised me most is how friendly the staff are which has helped me settle in and feel part of an amazing team.

S Cowley

I joined Bournside School in November, and am enjoying it enormously. My job is quite varied and exciting. Despite the size of the school, the staff body work together well as a family and I have made good friends already.

R Burrows

Bournside has been a very supportive and friendly atmosphere. I have been fortunate enough to attend training courses to further my professional development and given ample opportunities to immerse myself in all things extra-curricular.

R Sloan

Since arriving in September, I have found Bournside to be a very supportive and welcoming place. The staff are friendly and helpful, which means I have settled in quickly and felt very comfortable asking questions and getting to know everyone. I have been given time to be reflective and develop my teaching, which I have found has really helped my practice. I’ve really enjoyed it so far.

K Smith

I have found Bournside a hugely inviting and friendly place to work. All the staff are very willing to help in every aspect and made me feel a part of the team right from the beginning.

J Shermon-Tame

Bournside school has a great sense of community amongst staff and students. It is a dynamic school with many support systems in place, which allow you to quickly become part of the team.

E Ashford-Kelleher

I am very happy with the decision I made to join the team at Bournside. The warm welcome started even before my first day in school. I am split between 2 departments, English and SEN (Support), and my dual role has been managed with understanding. SLT are supporting, encouraging and genuinely listen to your input. The school fully support my continuing development and after my first term here, I began training for the NASENCo at Worcester University.

B Merritt

I have settled in incredibly quickly with the help of the inclusive, friendly & supportive staff ethos within the school. I have the privilege of teaching some outstanding students and genuinely look forwards to coming to work each morning.