Understanding every individual

At Bournside we recognise the uniqueness of every student. We are an inclusive school, where all students are valued, respected and equal members, regardless of ability, needs and behaviour. All are set highly individual and challenging targets using the detail of what we know about them. This helps us match teaching to every student and support every individual in meeting high expectations. We recognise that students with specific special educational needs or disabilities may require additional support and intervention.

All teachers are teachers of students with Special Educational Needs and Disabilities (SEND). This requires the learning to be adapted as appropriate to meet individual needs. However, we believe that students with SEND may, at times, require additional support and intervention if they are to achieve their potential.

We fully accept our responsibilities with complying with the SEND Code of Practice (DfE, 2015) and ensuring that all students are safe, healthy and able to enjoy school life fully. Students with SEND are supported in and out of the classroom according to their individual needs, and benefit from the care and attention offered by the learning support department. The work of the support teams (conduct, learning and student) is instrumental in supporting the needs of vulnerable students in and out of the school setting.