The £10 Challenge

The year 9’s were recently tasked with raising as much money as possible for a chosen charity using a £10 budget. This project was overseen by the Bournside Ambassadors and assisted by teachers.

After each tutor was given £10 they decided on a charity (such as Cotswold Down Syndrome Group and Cancer Research) and an idea to raise money (such as a photo booth and a treasure map). Each tutor then spent two weeks advertising as well as carefully planning what they would do and a further week raising as much money as possible!

Every tutor group did really well at advertising and tried to sell their event to other year groups by going round classrooms and handing out posters. The ambassadors also spoke in assemblies and informed year groups about what was going on within school.

However, it was 9P who raised the most money (by a lot!) as they raised over £785.90 for their charity CLIC Sargent, who care for children with cancer. Their event was a sponsored run which was held on the field during lunchtime and every tutee participated.

Although there was a very clear winner, each tutor group still raised a considerable sum for very good causes and in total £1,129.14 was raised. It is also worth mentioning how most students took part in the event and the entire school seemed involved in some way.

Written by Mckenzie in 9B1