Term 2 Guidance

One of the main principles of the Dfe guidance is that ‘schools must do everything possible to minimise contact and mixing while delivering a broad and balanced curriculum’. To achieve this, we have created areas for each year group (a ‘bubble’) to be taught within, whilst still teaching the broad range of subjects we offer in our curriculum. 

Tutor Groups
To maintain the integrity of year group bubbles, we have reorganised our tutor groups as follows:

  • Years 7-9 – based on their main teaching group
  • Year 10 – mixed across houses
  • Year 11 – grouped within houses
  • Year 12 – mixed within houses
  • Year 13 – no tutor groups/tutor allocated.
Remote Learning Strategy

We are committed to providing a high-quality curriculum that can be accessed from home by our students when they require it. Our Remote Learning Strategy will ensure that students continue to follow their planned learning journey at any time when remote learning is needed, and is appropriate for individual students, as well as larger cohorts. 

Uniform and equipment
Please see our Uniform and Equipment Guidance 2020-21, particularly our expectations regarding an appropriate school bag as we have removed our lockers to increase space in classrooms/corridors. On days where students have PE, they must wear their PE kit to school. After their PE lesson, students can stay in their PE kit or change. Even if they do not plan to change, students should have their uniform with them so that they have a change of clothes in the case of wet weather. 

Face masks/coverings
Face masks/coverings are to be worn by students, staff, and school visitors in corridors and indoor communal areas at lesson changeovers and at lunchtimes. They can also be worn in classrooms but this is not compulsory, and students must have a small bag within their school bag to store their mask in when not wearing it. From Monday 4 January, students will have a fabric Bournside face mask and disposable face masks will no longer be permitted at school due to their environmental impact. As masks need to be washed regularly, you may wish to purchase a second Bournside one, or an appropriate fabric alternative (without images or writing). 

School Gateway
For the safety of our students and staff, we are encouraging parents/carers to top up student dining centre accounts online via School Gateway, rather than students doing this at school. If you are unable to use School Gateway for any reason, your child will be able to top up their account using cash by visiting the Finance Team in the Business Centre.

Risk Assessments
We have revised our Risk Assessment (Version 4) in line with the updated DfE guidance and it will be reviewed once a month as a minimum. We will continue with our enhanced cleaning policies throughout the school and employing systems of control as guided by the DfE. Our Music Department has also produced a Risk Assessment for Peripatetic Lessons.