Technology Enhanced Learning

How students learn is changing in schools.  At Bournside, using an iPad means that students have new, innovative and contemporary ways to learn that compliment not replace traditional teaching in classrooms.

Twenty first century learners need to be problem solvers.  Not just content consumers, but content creators.

Students learn well because they work closely with teachers, one another and independently.
Ofsted, September 2016

We believe learning is at its best when it is immersive and fun, and when students can make their own choices about how to evidence what they have learned.  Every day we see students making the best progress and reaching their potential when they are engaged.  We believe that technology plays a pivotal role in enhancing both personalisation and engagement with young people.

Pens, pencils, exercise books and text books are commonplace in classrooms today.  We believe that in the near future, portable tablet computers will be as common as the calculator is in mathematics and we want to allow students to be able to take advantage of this change now.  We think tablet computers are the next step in an increasing use of personal technology in the classroom.  Not just at Bournside but in classrooms across the world.

We also recognise that young people must be educated in appropriate use of technology, understanding the risks involved.  That education is not effective if you prevent students using technology they will use in their everyday lives now and in their future beyond school.  Through carefully planned schemes of learning, tutor time and assemblies, we aim to create self-aware, responsible digital citizens equipped for life in a modern world.  We take e-safety extremely seriously at Bournside.

Our vision

Enhance learning

By taking advantage of opportunities that only new technology provides.

Engage learners

That were born into a digital world with interesting and motivating work.

Enable independent enquirers

Who are responsible digital citizens, able to take charge of their own learning experience.