Tablet devices in lessons

As reported in the Gloucestershire Echo on Thursday 5th November, from January 2016 students in years 7 and 12 will be allowed to bring tablet devices into school to use in their lessons. For those parents who would like to equip their child with a device and want a convenient purchase option, we have a donation scheme supported by the Birmingham e-learning foundation. This is an option, to broaden the opportunities for our students who are already asking to use more technology in their learning, but it is not compulsory, and all the current learning opportunities are still available.

There is no requirement for parents to buy their child an iPad if they attend our school!

Many of our students are already bringing smartphones and other devices into school and wanting to use them in lessons to enhance their learing experience. At a basic level, taking a photograph of what a teacher has written on the whiteboard to help in completing homework for example. As an increasing number expect to now do this, we want to fully embrace learning with devices if the child and parent feels it is right for them.

Pens, pencils, exercise books, text books, calculators and DVD players are commonplace in most classrooms today. We believe that in the near future, portable tablet computers will also be commonplace, and we want to allow students to be able to embrace this now. We think tablets are the obvious next step in an increasing use of technology in the classroom, not just at Bournside, but nationwide. For us, the introduction of tablet computers is about:

  1. Enhancing the learning experience by embracing new opportunities and pedagogy that technology can provide.
  2. Engaging young people born into, and living in an increasingly connected, IT-rich society.
  3. Enabling a personalised learning experience: giving learners a real choice about how to learn, and how to demonstrate their learning.

This also includes educating them about the appropriate use of technology, to prepare them for life beyond the classroom.

We have a wealth of information we want to share with parents and the community about this initiative. This can be found at our dedicated site below:

About our technology enhanced learning initiative