Superb standard of education

Learning is our core purpose. At Bournside we structure learning to inspire our students to become successful, lifelong independent learners. It is a vibrant, exciting and memorable place of learning, where students flourish, and gain the knowledge, skills and understanding to be the best they can be.

Our teachers are extremely enthusiastic and passionate about their subjects and take care to recognise every student is unique, with individual aspirations and needs. They take considerable time planning interesting and interactive lessons and make full use of the available technology to engage, enhance and transform learning.

We offer a wide range of subjects that allows students to excel in their specialist areas and we ensure they have the knowledge and skills to prepare them for a rapidly changing workplace. When students arrive in year 7 we take every opportunity to assess and evaluate their individual learning needs. This includes taking the National Group Reading Test and gathering teacher feedback. This, along with information from primary schools, is used to ensure all students are set aspirational targets to enable them to be challenged and, where appropriate, provided with additional support. We aim to develop a genuine love for reading, and excitement about learning in every student at Bournside.

Whether a student is a struggling reader in year 7 or a year 13 student preparing for Oxbridge entrance, our committed staff ensure all students have the opportunity to make good or outstanding progress, setting them up for their future pathway whether it be in employment, vocational education or going to university. From the outset of year 7 we inform our students about the different opportunities, choices and careers and link this strongly to their learning.

The learning that goes on in the classroom is central to the success of our students, and the quality of the learning is driven by the high standard of teaching. All of our teaching staff take part in our reflective practitioner programme, as just like our students, our teachers are lifelong learners.

We support our teachers with their own professional development by giving them a dedicated hour per fortnight to share best practice, plan lessons collaboratively, and to reflect and refine their teaching.

We have an ‘open door’ ethos, and staff and students are used to other members of staff and the senior leadership team dropping in to find out what learning is taking place and progress being made.

Pupils’ behaviour in lessons is often exemplary, and rarely less than good.

Ofsted, September 2016