Sport BTEC (Double Award)

This BTEC course equips learners with both a depth and breadth of knowledge, understanding, and skills relating to scientific elements of sport, as well as developing knowledge of the business side of sport.

This is combined with leadership in sport so learners will gain experience on how to coach, organise, and lead sporting events.

The BTEC National Diploma is equivalent to 2 A Levels and consists of the following units; Anatomy and Physiology; Sports Leadership; Fitness Training; Fitness Testing; Sports Event Organisation; Business in Sport; Professional Development in Sport; Rules and Regulations of Sport and Skill Acquisition. This extensive list demonstrates that the course will allow students to pursue a variety of careers. The course will also engage students in studying new topics which might spark imaginations and highlight areas of sport you did not know existed!

The BTEC National Diploma provides many varied and exciting career opportunities including: sports coaching, military, emergency services, teaching, sports psychology, lecturing, the leisure industry, sports journalism, sport development, coaching, business, to name but a few. It also offers you the opportunity to travel and teach sport in children’s camps such as Bunacamp and Camp America, or study at a university abroad.

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