Policies, Plans & Statements

School policies

16-19 Bursary Policy 2020.pdf

Accessibility Plan 2020.pdf

Admissions Policy 2020-21.pdf

Admissions Policy 2021-22.pdf

Priority Consideration Area Map 2021-22.pdf

Admissions Policy 2022-23.pdf

Anti-Bullying Policy 2019.pdf

Assessment and Feedback Policy 2019.pdf

Attendance Policy (Main School) 2020.pdf

Attendance Policy (Sixth Form) 2020.pdf

Behaviour Policy 2020-21.pdf

Behaviour Policy (Covid 19 Appendix).pdf

Careers and Provider Access Policy.pdf

Charging and Remissions Policy.pdf

Child Protection and Safeguarding Policy.pdf

Child Protection and Safeguarding Policy Annex 1 – COVID-19.pdf

Additional documents for child protection and safeguarding

Keeping children safe in education.pdf

Procedures for dealing with disclosures.pdf

Safer working practice.pdf

Visiting speakers.pdf

Communications Policy.pdf

Complaints Procedure 2019.pdf

COVID-19 Testing Privacy Statement.pdf

Curriculum Policy 2019.pdf

Data Protection Policy.pdf

Drugs Policy.pdf

E-safety and Acceptable Use Policy.pdf

Educational Offsite Trips and Visits 2020.pdf

Equality and Diversity Policy 2020.pdf

First Aid Policy.pdf

Financial Statements August 2019.pdf

Freedom of Information Act Request.pdf

Homework Policy 2019.pdf

Privacy Notice for Staff.pdf

Privacy Notice for Students.pdf

Religious Education and Collective Worship Policy.pdf

Special Educational Needs and Disabilities Policy.pdf

Relationships and Sex Education Policy 2020.pdf

School Ladder of Achievement and Rewards.pdf

School Ladder of Consequences.pdf

Subject Access Request.pdf

Supporting Students with Medical Conditions Policy.pdf

Uniform and Equipment Guidance 2020-21.pdf

Additional information

The school does not authorise holidays in term time.

Photographs of children may be used in our publicity material including the school website and online social networking. We may publish the photograph with a child’s first name only, or full name with no photograph. Parents may opt-out by contacting the school.

All parents who wish to update the school, with regards to any change of circumstances or contact details, can do so through School Gateway.