Pastoral care

Every child has a tutor, a daily contact who is also the first point of contact for parents/carers for any pastoral issues. Tutors support and challenge students about attendance, academic progress, behaviour, uniform, and being well organised for learning, maintaining regular contact with parents/carers to ensure that students are supported effectively.

Students are polite and respectful, behave well and show good attitudes to their learning.
Ofsted, September 2016

From September 2019 each tutor group will be organised vertically, which means that a tutor group will comprise six students from each of years 7 to 11. This change was consulted upon during the previous academic year and will:

  • Enable students in different year groups to build positive, healthy relationships with each other, nurturing an enhanced sense of family and community.
  • Provide opportunities for older students to act as role models for younger students and, conversely, opportunities for younger students to have meaningful conversations with older students about school life and future aspirations.
  • Further improve home/school communication, as a result of only having six students from each year group in a tutor group, rather than thirty.

In addition to the above, each tutor group belongs to a house and the six school houses regularly compete in a wide range of house events, allowing students and staff to demonstrate pride in their house.

Tutor groups elect representatives every year to join the year council, which meets regularly to give students a voice in the direction and development of the school. Each year council in turn has representatives on the Junior Leadership Council (JLC) and they meet termly with members of the senior leadership team to represent the views of the students.

Effective pastoral care is the backbone of our school and, as a result of this, students at Bournside feel safe, happy and well supported in their learning.