Academic and pastoral support

Pastoral care

The pastoral care team at Bournside is always available to help you through the day. The next two years that you spend with us completing your A levels will at times be challenging, and  you will need some advice and guidance. We are here to support you throughout your studies. We very much see that we are in this together.

Our pastoral team comprises of a mixture of teaching and specialist non-teaching staff, so assistance is always at hand, at any point of the day for whatever query you have or support you may need. Our doors are always open and we will work with you to ensure you settle in quickly and support you to reach your full potential across your two years of study.

Academic challenge

Studying Level 3 courses, whether A level or BTEC, is exciting as it allows you to immerse yourself in the subjects you love – but we recognise that it involves a significant step up in terms of academic rigour and challenge. At Bournside, we are committed to supporting you with the transition from GCSEs. As well as our summer induction day, you will undertake bridging work over the holidays to help you prepare for your studies. You will also take part in a two-day transition programme in September to equip you with the study skills you need to excel.

We will monitor your academic progress throughout your time with us at sixth form. You will receive three reports a year and undertake mock exams at the end of year 12 and again in year 13, ensuring that you are able to be fully prepared for your final examinations.