What our students say


A levels: Mathematics, Chemistry, Biology

I am enjoying A levels at Bournside; they give you the opportunity to pursue subjects that interest you in more depth, and the staff go above and beyond to ensure that you attain the grades that you deserve.

I like how sixth form offers you independence and the opportunity to take on roles of responsibility. I have been elected as deputy head boy and I look forward to what this role entails. I have been able to do work in the local community and mentor year 7 students, helping me to develop transferable skills.

I am hoping to study medicine at university, and although this is competitive, I know that sixth form will provide me with the support that I need.


A levels: Biology, Physics, Mathematics, Design-Technology, EPQ

I enjoy studying at Bournside because of the facilities and the willingness of the teachers to support you, even if they aren’t your subject teacher.

I joined in year 12 because of the great atmosphere; this helps people keep motivated. I enjoy helping out at school events as this is a great way to play a positive role in the school community and help others become a part of it.

When I leave Bournside, my plan is to go to university to study forensic science to work in C.S.I. Another career I am considering is to become an engineer.


A levels: Maths, Physics, Biology

I enjoy studying at Bournside due to the high-quality facilities and freedom to choose where to study. Be it independent or group work, I am always able to find an area to suit my needs.

Bournside has enriched my education and I enjoy taking on extra responsibilities. I decided to help out in year 7 and 9 maths classes every Friday as a subject ambassador. Thanks to this, my communication and leadership skills have improved greatly.

After leaving Bournside, I would like to pursue mathematics at university. I am currently considering the universities of Warwick or Cardiff.


A levels: Psychology, English Literature, History, Core Mathematics

I enjoy all of my A level subjects and find them all interesting to study. I enjoy attending Bournside Sixth Form due to the caring and fun environment, as well as the support given by the teachers.

The biggest role I have taken on this year is prefect duty, which enables me to be a role model to the younger students. My favourite extra-curricular activity is sport, and I frequently play hockey one afternoon a week.

After sixth form, I am aiming to go to university to study psychology of sport, and hopefully go on to study dance psychotherapy due to my strong interest in dance.


A levels: Economics, History, English Literature

I enjoy the independence and responsibility that you gain in sixth form. Free periods and private study time allow me to socialise and further my studies in my chosen subjects. I have enjoyed writing an EPQ and the freedom of being able to create a project on a topic of my own choice whilst also benefiting my university application.

I am a senior prefect and also a subject ambassador where I am able to help younger students in their English lessons whilst also gaining the skills and experience required for me to become a teacher, a career I wish to pursue after studying either history or economics at university after sixth form.


A Levels: Biology, Chemistry, Mathematics, Music

Doing A levels was a chance to finally pare down my subjects in order to study what will be relevant in my future. I have always enjoyed research, so I am finding the independence that sixth form gives me to be a positive opportunity. During my time at Bournside, I have had the chance to be involved in many school concerts, which I have thoroughly enjoyed. I have also been elected to be head boy in year 13, which is a huge responsibility but I am excited for the challenges the role will present.

At the end of year 13 I will be applying to study biology at university, and I’m sure that Bournside will give me the support I need.


A levels: Maths, Computer Science, ICT

Bournside is a fantastic place to learn due to the amazing student-teacher relationships that I have with all my teachers, which makes learning that bit more enjoyable. The sixth form offered me a new start after my disappointing AS grades; the staff have been very understanding and made me feel very comfortable in the lower year as I have still been allowed to take part in year 13 events such as the prom at the end of the year. This has been a great experience for me as I have learned from my mistakes and I have turned all my grades around for the better.

I hope to go into university once my time at sixth form has finished, studying an engineering or computer science-related course.


A levels: Chemistry, Physics, Greek

The difference between being in sixth form compared to studying for GCSEs in the main school is that you have time available to study and you are treated as an adult. I find studying at Bournside very enjoyable because the teachers are approachable and they are always available to see you directly or communicate via email to resolve any difficulties with your studies.

I am a member of the sixth form basketball team and we play against other sixth form teams. When I leave Bournside, I am hoping to go to university and study forensic science.


A levels: Biology, Psychology, Physical Education

Sport at Bournside is excellent. I have competed in national cross-country competitions and regional athletics trials. All the staff have been very supportive, enabling me to combine studying with competing at a high level.

Sixth form provides exciting opportunities, and l am enjoying the responsibility of being head girl. The Duke of Edinburgh’s Award scheme is very strong in this school and I have completed Bronze, Silver and Gold

Academically, Bournside offers quality teaching. I’ve also gained skills in independent learning. I aspire to study sport and exercise science at a Russell Group university which will require AAA grades and I am confident Bournside can help me achieve this.


A levels: Physical Education, Geography, Media Studies

I really enjoy all of my chosen A levels – I particularly enjoy learning about the history of sport in PE, coasts and hazards in geography and studying music videos in media. Bournside Sixth Form is a great place to study A levels as you get a lot of freedom, which has made me more independent. Also, in sixth form I am a senior prefect, where I help out at open evenings, parents’ evening and give tours to visitors.

Outside of sixth form I play golf, hockey and tennis. I am a member of the Gloucestershire Ladies’ County Golf Association and I play for Lansdown Hockey Club.

After sixth form I would like to go to university to study a primary teaching degree with PE being my specialised subject, where I would love to become a primary school teacher in the future. This is because I love to work with children and the job is very rewarding.


A levels: Sociology, Physical Education, Health and Social Care

I decided to choose the subjects that interested me for my A levels. My options vary from essay-based examinations to coursework and short answers, which makes each subject different and interesting. I really enjoy the increased independence and the choice of how to spend my free time.

During my time here at Bournside, I have taken on the extra responsibility of being a prefect – I thoroughly enjoy this role and am looking forward to continuing it.

The sixth form offers so many opportunities, for example, the extent of guidance for higher education and relevant trips, peer mentoring, enterprise, volunteering in the wider community, sports clubs, and many more to suit each individual. Once I have left Bournside, I plan to attend university and study primary education with QTS, with the ambition of becoming a primary school teacher once I have completed my degree.


A levels: Textiles, English Literature/Language, Geography

I enjoy the three subjects I have chosen for A level as they embrace both the creative and academic sides of my personality. I love the supportive and friendly atmosphere here, which makes you feel really comfortable within an initially daunting setting. I especially value the responsibility and choice I now have over how I work independently.

Within Bournside, I have also taken on the roles of senior prefect and deputy head girl, as well as participating in open evenings, guiding and helping with taster days, which have allowed me to positively contribute to school life.

Currently, I am unsure which path to take next, however I do know university is not right for me, therefore I am investigating apprenticeships and careers within intelligence, specifically within the Army, RAF and GCHQ.


A levels: Law, History, Business Studies

I enjoy my A level subjects because each of the courses contain interesting and new topics which I have never had the chance to study in depth before, and in some way interlink with one another.

The sixth form has a community atmosphere throughout, as well as the shared passion for education which is reflected in the high standard of teaching. I have taken on a range of additional responsibilities on top of my A levels such as becoming a prefect and helping out at various open days and parents’ evenings. In addition to this I have taken part in other opportunities such as the Cambridge University Vellacott history essay competition and the ICAEW Base business and accountancy competition, which has helped me develop some of the skills needed in my future career.

The sixth form has successfully prepared me for my future career as I am planning on studying LLB law at university where I hope to become a solicitor specialising in business/corporate law.


A levels: English Literature and Language, Drama, Sociology

I especially enjoy studying English, as we are given the option to discuss topics more freely than at GCSE, which gives us the chance to grasp a real understanding of the subject.

I joined Bournside having previously studied at a different local school, and what like I about it here is how welcoming everyone is and how much the staff encourage you to be the best you can be.

I am involved in the mentoring program and enjoy helping younger students with homework or any worries they may have. I am also a prefect which I hope will enhance my leadership skills.

After Bournside I am hoping to study English literature at university or a combined English and theatre degree, as I love acting and I may possibly form a career out of it. As well as this I want to later pursue a career in publishing or blogging.