Lili’s generous donation

In September, Lili helped raise £1,500 for the Bristol Royal Hospital for Children after her family decided to host an event for her Grandfather’s 80th birthday. The event was set in a barn and over 100 guests attended for the music and dinner. Lili helped organise the event and, on the day, setup the tables and was a waitress for the dinner – she also spoke to all of the guests.

The purpose of the fundraiser was quite a close one to Lili and her family. Lili had a hole in her heart from birth and had last year undergone open heart surgery as a result of a leaky valve – all of which took place at the same hospital in Bristol. Lili’s recovery was staggeringly quick, having returned to school and ready to study just six weeks after the entire operation.

The donation was handed over to the hospital at the beginning of October and they are planning to buy two iPads and a DVD player – all for the children to use. Mr Burton said “This is a truly remarkable story and you should be very proud of yourself –an inspiration to other young people.”

Lili’s current future aspirations are to go to Hartpury to study animal management, but she’s keeping her options open (having visited the recent Careers Fair!)