Ledbury Refugee Support

Cheltenham Bournside School, supported by Mr Sparey, are organising a collection of the following items in support of the charity Ledbury Refugee Support which supports Syrian refugees. Donations of any of the following items can be taken to the PE Office for collection until 10th February 2017. The collected items will then be taken by the students and Mr Sparey to the charity in Ledbury for transportation to Syria.

Donations of any of the following items will be gratefully received:

Waterproof coats, shoes, packs of warm socks and underwear, scarves and shawls, fleeces and leggings, shoes: suitable for babies, children, women and men. Toothbrush, toothpaste, liquid hand gel, sanitary towels, nappies and sacks (bio-degradable), baby wipes moist toilet paper, disposable razors, condoms, shampoo, hair brush/comb, hair ties, crayons and colouring books or tiny toys. Blankets, tents and sleeping bags are vital too now that winter is here.