Cheltenham Bournside Sixth Form students celebrate record breaking exam success

08 Aug

Students and staff at Cheltenham Bournside Sixth Form are celebrating the outstanding achievements and destinations of their Sixth Form students today. 

Steve Jefferies, Headteacher said, "Today we are delighted to celebrate the outstanding success of our Sixth Form students. Following the disruption of the pandemic, comparisons with previous years can be difficult. However, I’m very pleased that our results are not only an improvement on 2019 (the last time exams took place), but even an improvement on the 2021 and 2020 grades. These are record-breaking results. 

The average grade gained was a B. 17% of our students gained three or more A levels at grade A or A*; 45% gained three or more A levels at grade B or better.

"Of all the A’levels awarded, 62% of grades gained were Bs or better, 32% were As or better and an amazing 11% of A’levels A*s!

“Our students have gained places to study medicine, engineering, law, neuroscience, linguistics and many other highly academic subjects at prestigious Russel Group universities, it looks likely that over 95% of our students will gain places at the first choice of university.  Others have secured degree-level apprenticeships in areas such as accountancy with local and national employers. Of course, for those that do need help, Bournside school is here to support students in their next steps.

“Our hard-working, talented students have worked through some of the hardest years the education world has ever known and they deserve our warmest congratulations on their excellent achievements.”

A snapshot of Sixth Form student success:

James Maddocks, 18 from Leckhampton

James achieved an incredible 4 A*s in Maths, Further Maths, Physics and Chemistry and wishes to study physics and philosophy after taking a gap year.

“I feel over the moon”, says James. “It wasn't a surprise to some extent; that’s what I was predicted, but Chemistry was the big worry for me. I want to either go into academia in Physics or there are so many options in Physics, like programming or corporate roles like banking.

“It’s been great for me here at Bournside, it’s done the job! I was very happy with the teaching the whole way through.”

Freya Watt, 18 from Hatherley

Freya achieved a fantastic set of results with 4 A*s in History, Law, Politics and Psychology. Freya will take a gap year before deciding if she will go to university or take up an apprenticeship in law.

Freya said, “Just before my A levels, I lost my nan and all the teachers were really supportive and caring. My grades weren’t what I expected, but what I wanted! Tonight I’ll be going out to celebrate with friends.”

Isobelle Clemmens, 18 from Leckhampton.

Isobelle achieved an impressive A* in Maths A* in Further Maths, A in Physics and C in Mandarin. Isobelle is going to the University of Bristol to study Maths.

Isobelle says, “I’m very happy, I got higher than my predicted grades and I’m off to Bristol.

“I’ve really enjoyed it at Bournside with very good support from the teachers. I’ve made good friends and I’m really sad to go really. I’m going out with my family to celebrate followed by a night out with friends.”   

Simranpreet Dhillon, 18 from St Marks

Simranpreet achieved an A* in Politics and an A in Economics and a C in Mathematics and is heading to Aston University in Birmingham to study Economics.

“I am very happy with my results and thanks to Bournside I have been able to achieve these results,” said Simranpreet. “I got a lot of support at Bournside, with my subjects and in general. My questions have always been answered, everyone is very helpful.”

Kaydee Mace, 18 from Arle

Kaydee achieved a Distinction in Health and Social, B in Business and a B in Sociology. She is looking forward to studying midwifery at Worcester University in September.

Kaydee said: “I have had a good time at Bournside. I have had help with my extended project qualification course about midwifery which helped me to acquire extra UCAS points, so they have really helped to support me with that. We had a lot of guidance as well with our personal statements, and that was really helpful.

Bella Mills, 18 from Longlevens in Gloucester

Bella got a B in Psychology, a B in PE and a D in English. Bella is heading to Oxford Brookes University to study Midwifery.

Bella said: “I’m really pleased with my results overall. I got a D in English, which I am a bit disappointed about but I have my place at Oxford Brookes to start Midwifery.  Since forever, I have been interested in medicine, I’ve been on a journey to find out what really interested me, and I think that midwifery is really the right job for me.  

“I’ve had amazing support from the teachers has been incredible and it's so nice to see them here today and be able to thank them for all they have done. I have really really loved my time here.  

Alfred Herve, 18 from Hatherley

Alfred achieved 3 A grades in Economics, Maths and Physics and will study Mechanical Engineering at Southampton University.

Alfred said, “I have got into my first choice university to do Mechanical Engineering.

I was thinking about doing Aerospace, but If I do Mechanical Engineering first I can later branch out, that was my thinking. Definitely engineering though! 

“This is a great school. It’s been full-on, but really good, especially A Levels. These are the first exams I have sat due to Covid in my GCSE year so it was hard but it wasn’t dreadful.  

Hannah Lomax, 19 from Up Hatherley

Hannah achieved A's, in Business Studies, Film Studies and will study Primary Education at the University of Sussex.

Hannah said, “I was predicted B’s and C’s so really pleased. My time at Bournside has been amazing. I have stayed here for three years at sixth form as well as main school and they have been incredible. These are the first exams that I’ve sat because of lockdown, but I felt like they went okay, we were prepped well. I’ll be celebrating this evening by going out with friends for cocktails."

Emrys Lewis, 18 from Hesters Way

Emrys achieved B's in Biology and Chemistry and a C in Maths and has a place to study Medicine at Peninsula Medical School in Plymouth.

Emrys said, “I’ve done pretty good, I was predicted A, B, C but I am pretty happy with the fact I have a C in maths. Hopefully, I will have a career as a doctor, maybe a dermatologist or neurologist, who knows!

“I have had a lot of support from the SEND Department for my anxiety and dyslexia and support with my exams, for example being in a separate room. Lottie the dog, who is part of the pastoral team has helped a lot. All of my teachers have been really supportive, making me feel comfortable and allowing me to have extra support when needed, they have just been amazing.  

“I’m going to call my mum and surprise her and then go to Cheltenham Animal Shelter to see any animals that need affection.”

Flynn Williams, 18 from Rowanfield

Flynn achieved B's in Business, History and Religious Studies. He's taking time out to work over the summer and learn to drive before seeking out an apprenticeship in a business discipline such as sales or finance. 

Flynn has enjoyed the support of well-being school dog, Lottie during his time in the Sixth Form. 

"It's been nice to spend time and collect your thoughts with Lottie. Patting a dog naturally releases endorphins so that's good," says Flynn.  

Assistant Head and Safeguarding Lead for the school, Sally Groves is Lottie's owner. 

Sally said, "Lottie arrived last summer. It's been fantastic as Lottie has learned an awful lot from being here, this is her second home. She works with students on an emotional level and one-to-one. Lottie goes out at lunchtimes, she will go on the well-being walk loop around the school so we can go and talk. It makes conversations more normal and natural so students can really open up while cuddling and interacting with the dog. It's a wonderful thing."

Dan Capie, 18 from Up Hatherley

Dan achieved an impressive A*s in Maths and Product Design and an A in Physics. He is taking up a place at Bristol University to study Civil Engineering.

Dan said, “I’m actually quite sad to leave, its been a good time and been part of my life for the past seven years. I am going to miss this school.”

Cara Hughes, 18 from The Reddings

Cara achieved 2 A*s and an A grade in Maths, Law and Business. Cara has a place at the University of Gloucestershire to study Law.

Cara said, “I achieved higher than my predicted grades which were 2 As and a B. I really enjoyed studying for A Levels, I thought it was quite fun and I want to carry on learning. I really liked this school and enjoyed being here.”

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