Interschool Language Debate Competition

Four of our Year 12 students represented Bournside at the Interschool Language Debate Competition held at Cheltenham College.

Rosa, Annabel, Iris and Eliza in Year 12 attended the event on Wednesday evening after they were entered by Miss Fernandez, one of our Modern Languages teachers. The group were competing against various other local Gloucestershire schools including Balcarras, Pates Grammar, Dean Close and of course Cheltenham College themselves. As part of the format for the competition, each school were split into pairs to make a team. Annabel and Iris were team 1 whilst Rosa and Eliza were team 2. The announcers would call a team from a school at random to debate against another school’s team at random, so there was a fair shot to debate against each pair from each school.

Our teams were debating whether it would be better to learn foreign languages earlier, to which they were arguing for. They were given a strict time limit of 90 seconds to argue their points, and then 60 seconds at the end to give a summary of what they’ve debated and their justifications.

The competition was held in front of a very large audience. One student commented: “It was a very good experience. I think we’ve taken a lot from it positively.” while another added “It was good to hear the level of fluent French that was spoken throughout the competition ”“ and the final was great!” They would highly recommend it to another group for next year, while Miss Fernandez hopes that Bournside will be able to participate in the competition again.

Mr Burton concluded “You should be very proud of yourselves, you’ve certainly made the school proud.”