Kaizen Workshop

Update (21/05/2018): Four of our business students who recently took part in a production day at Mira Showers have been awarded a prize in the Global Day of the Engineer by Mira’s parent company Kohler. Representatives from the American based Kohler just happened to be in the factory the same day as us and took an interest in what the students were doing. They noted their ideas and that was that until an e-mail arrived from Mira this morning.

Hannah, Zoe, Naomi and Emma have not only got something impressive to put in their personal statements and CV’s but they will be awarded medals and certificates by Mira later this month. Congratulations!

Original article

22 of our business students were recently lucky enough to go to Mira Showers in Cheltenham to take part in a quality (Kaizen) workshop.

The day started with a task where students had to work as a team to produce a car made out of Lego blocks. Later they had a short tour of a part of the factory, took part in a competition where four members of the group won a pair of Bluetooth Mira speakers to use while taking a shower. In the afternoon they were set a complicated, but realistic, task to monitor stock in out out of the factory where the students had to order and supply the factory while watching costs.

All had a very enjoyable experience that they can now add to their CV of working with the market leaders in showers in the U.K. Not many students can say that!

Miss. L Smith