Joining us from Year 6

The next stage of your education journey

At Bournside we pride ourselves on knowing and understanding every individual so that they can grow academically and personally, in a safe and respectful community.

We hope you find this information helpful and we look forward to welcoming you to our wonderful school.

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Messages from our Leadership Team

Hear from Mr Penny, Mr Stratford, and Mrs Lees on lessons at Bournside, our school culture including attendance, behaviour, and house points, and the support you will receive throughout your time with us to help you achieve your best every day. 

Messages from our students

Hear from some of our students on their experience of joining Bournside in Year 7! From what they enjoyed the most, how they found their way around, any concerns they had, our housepoint system, homework, our clubs, and all about our school lunches!

Our 5 expectations of Year 7 students

Are you ready for secondary?

Bigger classes, new friends and more teachers. Secondary school can be very different to primary school, so it's good to be prepared for the change.

All about Uniform

Our House system

We have high expectations for learning and for behaviour. We want you to try your hardest in lessons and we’ll reward you through our house points system for outstanding attitude to learning, as well as great attendance, joining in, supporting others, and your achievements in and outside of school. In your daily tutor sessions you’ll be with fellow house members from other year groups so you will soon feel part of our school community. On joining us, you will be presented with your school tie which will represent your house.

Reading is the key

We aim to unlock a love of reading in every Bournside student. We have a fantastic library to enhance your enjoyment of reading and level of literacy. From classic fiction to thrilling sci-fi, there’s a book on our shelves for you!